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Iceland Volcano Continues to Stall Flights

Though nearly half of Europe's flights are now back on schedule, the continuous eruptions of ash from the Iceland volcano are now threatening to stall more flights from Heathrow airport, CNN said.

The eruption, which is not a rare occurrence for the volcano, happened during unusual wind and ice conditions, sending ash clouds three to five miles into the air over Europe, The Wall Street Journal said.

The current weather conditions will remain until about Friday, when south-westernly winds will begin to move the ash away from the UK, the country's weather forecaster, Met Office, said.

About 14,000 flights are expected to fly Tuesday-- about half of the scheduled air traffic, CNN said.

Obama and Chinese President Discuss Iran

President Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao agreed in a meeting to increase oppositional pressure on Iran's nuclear weapons program, The Wall Street Journal said.

The administrations of the two countries are both working on sanctions that can be implemented to punish Iran, The Wall Street Journal said.

Iran has indicated that they are developing only peaceful nuclear energy capability, but the U.S. believes they are trying to develop nuclear weapons, CNN said.

Obama and Hu are in agreement that Iran must meet the nuclear nonproliferation agreement, CNN said.

2nd Moscow Subway Bomber Identified

Russian investigators have confirmed a Dagestan schoolteacher as the second suicide bomber involed in the fatal subway attacks in Moscow last month, CNN said.

Maryam Sharipova, a 28-year-old, was one of two female bombers who led the frst suicide attacks on the capital in years, Associated Press said.

The first woman was identified as Dzhanet Abdurakhmanova, the widow of an Islamic militant slain by the governement. Both women were from Dagestan, a mostly Muslim province in the North Caucus that has been in recent disputes with the government, the Associated Press said.

The women ignited thier bombs about 40 minutes apart on March 29, killling 40 people and wounding more than 80 in the first suicide attack on the capital in six years, CNN said.

Moscow Bombings, Rebel Leader Threatens More

A Chechen rebel leader has claimed that he is responsible for the double bombing in the Moscow subway system that killed 39 people on Monday, The New York Times said.

In the Islamist leader's statement he threatened more attacks to avenge the actions of Prime Minister Vladmir Putin, The Washington Post said.

Doku K. Umarov gave the statement via an Internet video that was posted hours after another double bombing in Dagestan. The Washington Post said.

Dagestan and Chechnya are both located in southern Russia, an area that has been in turmoil for years with the government, said The New York Times.

Britain Expels Israeli Diplomat

Britain is expelling an Israeli diplomat after forged British passports were linked to the to killing of a Hamas leader in the United Arab Emirates earlier this year, CNN said.

Dubai police said they are "99 percent certain" that Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was killed by Israel's Mossad spy agency, Haaretzs said.

The British Foreign Secretary called the action "intolerable," citing that the United Kingdom was an ally to Israel.

The group that tracked and killed al-Mabhouh used fraudulent passports form Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, and Australia, Haaretz said.

Partial Vote Count in Iraq

Early results from Iraq's parliamentary elections show Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the lead in Baghdad, though allegations of fraud and demands to publish voting results have already been made, CNN said.

Al-Maliki's State of Law alliance may have the lead in the capital province, but only 10 of the 18 provinces have given preliminary results, CNN said.

Following behind al-Maliki's 159,000 votes is the Shiite Iraqi National Alliance with 108,000, Voice of America News said.

With only about 20 percent of the votes in Baghdad counted, it is unclear who will win the seats, Voice of America said.

Baghdad holds that most parliamentary seats, 68 of the total 325.

Chile Deploys Soldiers to Contain Looting

Chile has sent more 10,000 security forces into the city of Concepcion to control the looting and fighting that has broken out as citizens wait for relief in the wake of an 8.8-magnitude earthquake, The Washington Post said.

Field hospitals have been set up and additional rescue workers are helping people injured in the fires and violence that have erupted since the earthquake killed over 700 people on Feb. 27, Business Week said.

The Chile government imposed a curfew in an effort to control the looting and the mayor of Concepcion is asking for even more troops and aid from the government, said The Washington Post.

The earthquake was one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded, and it hit the country during their high tourist summer season, said The Washington Post.

U.S. and Niger Junta Plan for a Quick Return to Democracy

The United States is working for a peaceful and quick transition back to civilian rule in Niger, after a military coup overthrew President Mamadou Tandja last week, Daily Dispatch said.

The junta has promised to give power back to civilian rulers, returning the state to democracy once politicians agree on a new constitution, the Daily Dispatch said.

Tandja, who had been in office since 1999 was overthrown when he tried to stay in power longer than the constitution allowed, CNN said.

The United Nations and African representatives who visited the country's capital over the weekend discussed with the junta how Niger can return to "normal constitutional life as quickly as possible," CNN said.

18 Die in Belgium Train Collision

Eighteen people died and 162 were injured Monday when two trains collided in Belgium's worst rail accident in decades, CNN said.

A local service train ran a stop signal and hit an express train that was running 10 minutes late, EuroNews said.

A third train was also involved in the wreck when it hit the collision, EuroNews said.

The trains collided at 8:30 a.m. during their morning commute routes, railway and train operators said. .

The accident will be investigated by The Justice Ministry, a representative for Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme said.

Chihuahua Governor Proposes to Relocate Capital

The governor of Chihuahua has proposed to temporarily relocate the state's capital from Chihuahua City to Juarez in an effort to contend the drug cartel war that has gripped the Mexican city for over two years.

Juarez, which is just south of the U.S.- Mexican border, near El Paso, Texas, has become consumed by a drug war that in 26 months, has killed almost 4,500 people in the city alone, the El Paso Times said.

Gov. Jose Reyes Baeza called for an an emergency meeting on Tuesday to discuss his proposal. The vote, which is scheduled for Thursday or Friday, would move all executive, legislative, and judicial offices to Juarez, CNN said.

Reyes Baeza's proposal comes as a result of a massacre in Juarez two weeks ago. Assassins blocked a city street and 16 teens were slain at a house party. The governor's proposal is "his way of lettting the people of Juarez know they are not alone or forgotten" CNN said.

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