Chingwell explains FSI

Chingwell 6.jpgVideo of Chingwell explaining First Step Initiative's programs.First you have to get through some minutes of me explaining my WRIT 5112 Information Design class. BTW, hope some of you will sign up for WRIT 5112 in Spring 2010. We'll be working with First Step Initiative again.

Challenge Grant by Dec. 31

First Step Initiative has a private donor who will contribute $7500 if 80 people will donate $50 or $100 by Dec. 31. If we can achieve this goal, more than 150 more women in Katanga Province will be able to start businesses and realize their dreams for their families. Please help to spread the word about this opportunity to reach out to women in the DR Congo. You can make donations at

Thanks to our friends who have asked if women and men from around the world can contribute to this challenge grant. And the answer is Yes! Just visit the First Step Initiative website to join the challenge.

And a BIG THANKS to everyone who has joined the group and contributed to the challenge grant effort.

We have nearly 150 members from around the world networked on Facebook. Keep in touch with what's happening at First Step Initiative in the virtual world. 


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