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September 25, 2006

Social Design Issue

I think that what I am about to say is probably the most obvious thing I possibly could say. I think that a huge issue that our world is now facing and that needs to be solved through design is the current situation in the areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina. It has been over a year since the storm, and if the lease on a FEMA trailer is only 18 months, that area is about to be hit with another huge housing problem. I think that a lot of the focus has been taken away from the problems still plaguing this area of the deep south, and people need to think more about how this problem could be solved, or at least come closer to it being solved. Of course, a lot of the problem here has to do with the incredible amount of information that is sent into our minds and our homes every single day, which causes us to very quickly become tired of hearing of the same thing. But that is a whole different rant, and one that I do not choose to go into today. Back to what I was saying, we as a society need to come up with a solution to this problem, so that more people can move back into their homes and their lives can begin to once again resemble some sense of normalcy.

September 16, 2006

Midtown Global Market

Even though I have only been once, and went at a time of day that was probably not the busiest for the place (2 PM on a Wednesday), I could tell that this is a high energy location. Walking in to the smells of the cooking, the bright neon lights, and the din of people, made me significantly more excited about this homework assignment. Adding to this excitement was the fact that I FINALLY found this rice seasoning stuff that I love, but that I can never find, and also jasmine rice for $1 a pound. Yum! In this way I suppose I was adding to the energy of the market, so there is the tie-in for that. The prompt is asking me to "list the ways I might create, use, and exchange energy" in this place. The answer is that I basically don't know. As a consumer, I suppose that all I can do to do this is to go, shop, get excited when I find something I love, and interact with others. I suppose I could bring others with me, so that they can do the same, and together we could significantly alter the environment while we are there. As long as someone isn't just sitting at one of the tables, by themselves, not talking, not doing anything, without having purchased anything before sitting down, and with no plans to do so after they get up, they are probably contributing to the energy of the market. Beyond that, I have no idea how to answer this prompt.