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Kahn and Gershenfeld

I am not sure exactly what I am supposed to be comparing here. In the interest of time, I think that the most obvious comparison I could make here is the one between Kahn’s discussion of indefinable needs creating building programs, etc., and Gershenfeld’s of the idea of Fab Labs. Kahn says, when discussing what makes a University, that, “you have nothing to refer to, just the sense of a place of learning, an undeniable need: an undeniable desire on the part of all of us that a place be for learning? (pg 239). Therefore, Universities don’t exist because someone said, “we should build a university.? They exist because people decided that there should be a place where one may go to learn. A similar discussion is found in Gershenfeld’s excerpt, when he is talking about how the structures that his students built were not based on a market need, but rather on their own personal desire that these products should exist.
I found another similarity between Kahn’s discussion of how “the light, the giver of all presences, is the maker of a material, and the material was made to cast a shadow, and the shadow belongs to the light,? and Gershenfeld’s discussion of how he would like to see a Personal Fabricator that can make anything by assembling atoms. Kahn says that light makes everything, including structure, and then these things in turn create light by creating shadows. Gershenfeld says that a PF can make anything, including reproductions of itself. So in a way light is like a PF- it creates everything, and in the end it also creates itself.