Creator of Red Bull Dies

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Chaleo Yoovidhya, the created of the Red Bull energy drink and the world's 205th richest person, died in Bangkok March 17.

Before he became worth $5 million, Yoovidhya was born to poor Chinese immigrants in northern Thailand. He went on to found T.C. Pharmaceuticals in 1962, which was what led him to develop Krathing Daeng, said the Washington Post.

Krathing Daeng, which means "red bull" in Thai, was marketed toward laborers and farmers who needed an energy boost, reported the New York Times. An Austrian salesman, Dietrich Mateschitz, tried Yoovidhya's concoction and the two eventually went into business together. Red Bull was officially mass produced in 1987.

Yoovidhya's personality, however, differed largely from those who use Red Bull as their drink-of-choice on a Friday night out. The Red Bull creator was so reclusive that according to his son, he hadn't given an interview in 30 years, reported the New York Times. Yoovidhya was so much of a recluse that media sources have had difficulty agreeing on how old he was when he died. His reported ages range from 80 to 90.

As for his family, Yoovidhya had 11 children over the course of two marriages. Yoovidhya's son Chalerm held a 2 percent stake in the Red Bull company.

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