Mega Millions Results Are In...

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The winning numbers for the $640 million lottery, the largest in history, were drawn in Atlanta Friday night, and the results are in: 2-4-23-38-46 and Mega Ball 23.

Although they've yet to come forward, three winners in Illinois, Kansas, and Maryland have been determined. Over 100 million people spent around $1.5 billion on losing lottery tickets, estimated the Associated Press.

The winners have the choice to receive their money in one lump sum payment of $105.1 million, or over 26 annual payments totaling $213 million before taxes, reported the Chicago Tribune.

The Maryland winner has 182 days to claim his or her winnings. The Kansas and Illinois winners have one year, or 60 days if they choose the lump sum.

According to AP, the store in Red Bun, Ill., where the ticket was purchased, will receive $500,000 for selling the ticket. The store that sold the winning ticket in Maryland will receive $100,000 and the Kansas location will receive $10,000.

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