Romney's St. Louis Speech Criticizes Obama

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GOP candidate Mitt Romney delivered a speech Tuesday, asking his audience for their support in his attempt to replace Obama as president later this year.

To the delight of his sunglasses-wearing St. Louis audience, Romney cited Obama's green energy policies, federal spending, and Obama's move toward a "European-like nation" as flaws in the current government.

"At a time like this, the president is looking around for someone to blame," Romney said. "It seems to be part of his nature. He's out of ideas, he's out of excuses, and in 2012 we're gonna get him out of office."

The confident presidential-hopeful made no mention of his fellow GOP candidates, who Romney has safely left in the dust, according to The Associated Press.

About 400 people attended the speech in Kirkwood, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, CBS reported.

The Missouri caucus will be held Saturday, March 17.

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