Afghan Officials Arrest 5 with 11 Tons of Explosives

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Afghan security forces arrested five men Saturday who possessed 11 tons of explosives, which they are suspected to have possessed in order to attack the capital of Kabul.

The men were arrested on the outskirts of Kabul, where they were driving a truck with Pakistani license plates. The truck contained 400 bags holding explosives hidden beneath sacks of potatoes, reported MSNBC. Three of the men were Pakistani terrorists, while the other two were Afghani collaborators. All five confessed to being trained by the Pakistani Taliban.

According to the New York Times, the explosives were also intended to be used in assassinating Afghanistan's second vice president, Karim Khalili.

On the same day the men were arrested, other attackers took over buildings in Kabul. The Taliban posted video clips of their attack plots on heir Alemara website.

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