Avalanche Buries 135 in Pakistan

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An avalanche crashed down on a military base in Pakistan close to the India border Saturday, leaving 135 people, including 124 soldiers, missing, reported BBC News.

No survivors have yet been found since 6 a.m. Saturday, when the 70 feet deep snowdrift covered the Gayari base, located on the side of the 49-mile-long Siachen Glacier in the Himalayas, reported the New York Times.

According to Time, the Siachen Glacier is known as the world's highest battlefield, where more people have died from weather conditions than from combat.

Pakistan and India have fought three wars since 1947 over Kashmir, and have kept troops from both countries stationed on the Siachen since 1984.

An avalanche in 2010 killed 24 Pakistani troops, which was previously the largest loss in an avalanche until Saturday.

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