Navy Jet Crashes into Apartments, Called an "Miracle"

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A Navy F/A-18 jet crashed into an apartment complex in Virginia Beach, Va., Friday, leaving about 40 units destroyed and landing seven people in the hospital.

According to the Associated Press, a student pilot and his instructor caused the crash that injured them and five others on the ground. All of them were released from the hospital by Saturday. The lack of casualties in this incident led the Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms to call it a "Good Friday miracle."

The jet emptied most of its fuel before it the crash, which caused the explosion to be less extensive, reported AP. Lives were also spared because the plane crashed into the apartment complex's courtyard in the middle of the day when fewer people are at home.

Mayfair Mews Apartments, where the jet crashed at about 12:05 p.m., is located about four miles northeast from where the jet took off, at the Naval Air Station Oceana, MSNBC reported. The two pilots ejected from the jet, but the parachute of one tangled on the building, where residents cut him free.

The cause of the crash is still unspecified, but Capt. Mark Weisgerber, deputy commodore of Strike Fighter Wing Atlantic, said "catastrophic mechanical malfunction" was to blame.

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