Population Growth Expected for Twin Cities

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The Twin Cities' population is expected to expand, age, and diversify by the year 2040, claimed the Metropolitan Council in a report released Wednesday.

Met Council Chair Sue Haigh said the Council projects that over 40 percent of the population will be people of color in 2040, reported MPR News. The area's population is expected to add 893,000 people to its population over the next three years, 460,000 of which will be immigrants.

And because of the aging baby-boomer generation, a majority of households will be single or childless two-person dwellings. Overall, the number of people older than 65 will increase from 300,000 at the last census to 770,000 by 2040.

Minnpost interpreted the Met Council's data to say that the area's population growth will slow by 2040, and only grow by 31 percent.

The Gross Metro Product in 2040 is projected to be $400 billion, which will only amount to 1.5 percent of the Gross Domestic Product in the region, which accounts for less than one percent of the nation's population.

Still, two-thirds of population growth over the next three decades will result from births exceeding deaths, Minnpost and the Met Council reported.

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