Analysis: Multimedia

The two organizations that provide the best multimedia news experience are The New York Times and MPRNewsQ.

Headlining articles are often published with accompanying photos, slideshows, or videos on the website. Each organization provides multiple blog opinions, giving readers many different points of view on key topics. Also, alongside of these two main modes of distribution, print and radio respectively, they offer iPhone applications that allow a reader to have access to even more information than the website all on their portable device.

All these amenities give a reader a broader view of the issue at hand. They also allow a reader to become more loyal, as if their news is branded into the best organization that provides the most.

And true to each organization's form of high standards, the writing does not falter between the main mode of news distribution and the auxiliary multimedia. Captions to slideshows, transcripts from broadcast, and videos all retain a sense of objective and in-depth news coverage, but also give the reader a little something extra, like a more personal voice to the story or an engagement of more of the senses.

In my opinion, The New York Times and MPRNewsQ (and by association NPR in general) are the only news organizations that have achieved a serviceable and marketable business model to deliver the news.

*Note: I accidentally switched my analysis entries between the weeks of 2/22 and 3/1. The analysis entry on press releases was posted on 2/27 @ 8:05 p.m.

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