Booze at the Bank

According to an article in The Star Tribune, a bill currently in the Minnesota Senate would allow alcohol to be served in the University of Minnesota's TCF Bank Stadium.

A year ago, the university had plans to only sell alcohol in the premium seats of the stadium, but Gov. Tim Pawlenty and the State Legislature demanded stadium-wide sales, or none at all. In response, the university opted for a dry stadium.

Now, in light of the Legislature's $36 million budget cuts on the university, the alcohol debate is revived, reported MPRNewsQ. Sen. Sandra Pappas, DFL--St. Paul, said that the university was losing up to $1 million in potential revenue due to the alcohol ban.

The alcohol proposal is part of a larger higher education bill that will address budget cut issues. The revenue gained from alcohol sales at TCF Bank stadium would go toward an athletic scholarship fund.

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