Nation's Capital Allows Same-Sex Marriage

LGBT citizens of Washington, D.C., were granted the opportunity to apply for marriage licenses Wednesday, according to an article in The New York Times.

The District of Columbia now joins five other regions across the country that allow same-sex marriage, including Iowa, West Va., N.H., Mass., and Conn.

Couples of all ages and ethnicities lined up at the Moultrie Courthouse to apply for their licenses early on Wednesday morning. Tears and exclamations of joy pervaded the scene, reported The Washington Post.

Only a handful of protesters from Kansas arrived, but many more college students LGBT alliance members provided support to those receiving their historic licenses.

The event came after a long-awaited legislative debacle. In December, the city's same-sex marriage bill passed easily with a 11-2 vote in the city council, which has two openly gay members. But since the nation's capital is not part of any state, the legislation had to go under Congressional review, which finally passed on Tuesday.

In the wake of Washington's new law, more states are looking at a same-sex marriage option. Maryland may begin to recognize same-sex couples married in other states, and Minn., just proposed a same-sex marriage law in the State Senate.

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