U of M Students Protest Administrative Budget Remedies

About 200 protesters comprised of students, faculty, and staff marched on the University of Minnesota Mall Thursday against the university administration's proposed remedies to the budget shortfall, reported WCCO News.

Because of Gov. Tim Pawlenty's multimillion dollar cut of state funding to the university, administrators have proposed up to a 32% tuition hike and a three-day salary furlough for all university workers, while members of that same administration retains salaries of six figures, wrote The Minnesota Daily.

As part of the "National Day of Action for Public Education," the U of M was one of many American universities to hold student protests against administration. The main complaint and rallying cry for the U of M's protest was "Chop from the top!", which demands that overpaid administrators give up some of their large salary before letting struggling low-level university workers and students shoulder the burden of the budget shortfall.

At the core of the protest, though, was a cry for more transparent and shared governance. Professors who participated in the protest complained that curricula and how to teach are dictated by administrators who never walk into classrooms, a policy that they say needs to change.

The protesters began in front of Morrill Hall, where administrative departments are housed, and marched across the Mall to Coffman Memorial Union.

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