So far...

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So far I have filmed and edited 7 movies, composed music, and added lineart on top of Eric's sketches.

QR Hacker

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A pretty awesome QR code creator site. You can create codes leading to URLs, text, and phone numbers, and then personalize it with photos, logos, or pixel-by-pixel colors. You can then save your code as a PDF or JPEG and use it in your art and/or merchandise.

Anuramortis YouTube Channel

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Paradise Parking

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Images of cars that have been taken over by nature.

Interactive Version of Van Gogh's Starry Night

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Process and Concept Power Point

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IRL - In Real Life

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"Tape Recorders"

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How 2 b a Zombie

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Initially, for my high school's Art Club, we were going to create an entire zombie short film. I wrote up a script and everything. We never got around to a full length feature, but we did get out to make this test movie, working on makeup, moviement, and fighting.

Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure

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Disney's Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure is an ultra-interactive quest at Epcot theme park based on the Disney Channel animated series, Kim Possible. Transform into secret agents, join Team Possible and help save the world from super-villains with the help of a high-tech "Kimmunicator".

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