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Paradise Parking

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Images of cars that have been taken over by nature.

Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure

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Disney's Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure is an ultra-interactive quest at Epcot theme park based on the Disney Channel animated series, Kim Possible. Transform into secret agents, join Team Possible and help save the world from super-villains with the help of a high-tech "Kimmunicator".

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Concept Art

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I enjoy looking at concept art, an aspect of art that relates more to animation and movies. However, it still pertains to parts of iMedia such as video games. Seeing the characters, landscapes, and story morph and transform throughout the process of the art is fastinating to me.

A collection of Star Wars concept art:

Okami concept and character images:

Disney Concept Art blog:


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As far as interactive media goes, this is one of my all time favorites, the videogame Okami. I absolutely adore the Japanese painted style, and I would love to create something this unique and beautiful. I also love that one of your powers in the game is the ability to paint--you can fix things (bridges, for example), you can make bombs, cut down trees or rocks or enemies, and many other things. It also has beautiful music and well designed environments and characters.


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Letterboxing is like geocashing, except with stamps.

This summer my friends and I carved out stamps. After finding directions for letterboxes by Enger Tower, we traveled up there and started looking around. We found the first box, and, within it, there was a stamp and a notebook. We stamped our stamps in the found notebook, and stamped the found stamp in our notebooks.

This is the main website that contains the locations of many of the boxes.

Velociraptor Poster

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A picture found by my friend at NDSU.

"Prehistoric" Game

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This is a game I stumbled across one day. I enjoy the simplicity of it, and yet how compelling it is to play.

Prehistoric. by ~buzzwerd on deviantART
Prehistoric was created by buzzwerd on Deviantart

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