tattoo typos

i found this funny and makes me remember to double check all my spelling.

Family Farm Book

page layout research

I was having a hard time figuring out how to set up my page layout for the books we are doing so i went on google and typed in layout design and up popped lots of good inspirations here is one example that i found...


these were some logos and type put together...

and this is some guy changing the layout of his webpage and some of his working progress...

start of logo design

logo research

this had a lot of circle logos on the page good insperation....

ranch logo ideas....

research for mood board

here is a step by step on how to make a mood board.....

this was a cool website about mood boards....

mood board and doc.

visualizing network dynamics

i think this works well because of the color harmony and how symbols are used in lots of places as well as words the red dots give the words hierarchy and help your eye move through out the piece. if does seem though it is a little cluttered for me to figure out what was going on at first but soon figured it out. here is the link...visualizing network dynamics


i found this interesting it is how we communicate other than with is the link

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