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Rough critique


rough critique

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GD2_project2a.jpghere is a picture of how far i am on the project...what i am doing is taking the sorority and dividing it by the clicks that are in it and what fits each group of people the best. I took a picture of the sorority and am going to color each girl that fits in the category that fits them best. I can't decide if i should color all the girls in or keep some of them looking like the normal picture.

List #1

Sorority:                                 School:                    Other:
-Public Relations                     -Homework                 -TV- One tree Hill, Gossip Girl
-Rush                                     -reading                      -Facebook
-Service                                  -class                        -Eat
-Sisterhood                             -Lab                           -Texting
-parties(mixers)                       -# of students             -phone talking   
-meetings                               -walking in halls          -email
-# of active girls                       -idea creating             -friends
-# of pledges                           -friends talking            -music
-Fundraising                            -homecoming              -roommates
-Banquet                                 -blog                          -justin
-G.O.(Greek Office)                                                  -games
-going out to eat                                                       -movies
-Table times                                                             -theather
-All Greek Event(meeting)                                         -out to eat
-Activities with Fraternities                                        -home

how to visualize these ideas into a map and diagram:
-bar graph

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