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April 24, 2006

Blog Artist

Alexander Apostol has won awards on his photography and is well known throughout Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala and the United States. Born in Venezuela, he now resides in Caracas. Alexander takes photographs and makes ink jet prints that resemble lithograhy prints or also flat drawings that are maps of his country. I think Alexander is somewhat a postmodern artist because his ideas are really unique and strange yet at the same time they keep the viewer interested in what they are looking at because they are so odd.
I found the artist Alexander Apostol the most interesting to look at. He took photographs and altered them by taking all the entrances and exits out from the buildings. This project is called Residente Pulido. He takes modernist architecture and he retouches out all the entrances and covers the outside walls with glass or porcelain. Alexander turns 50 year old flats into impenetrable monuments. This is somewhat a metaphor for him as an artist and for the arrogant masculine male. These are visually interesting and look like run down abandoned buildings. The artist makes something that wouldn't normally be interesting pretty glamorous to look at. Yet, these buildings are so plain, they trigger so much interest in the subject and I think that is what good art is really all about. At first when you see the buildings you think there is something wrong but are not quite surewhat it is and then slowly you can notice the slight changes he makes to his art and you can see the reasons why it is so intriguing to see as a viewer. I didn't find much art in the digital art book that really intereseted me. I think it is mostly because I am a studio artist and I don't really like to manipulate my images much. I find that sometimes artists can manipulate images in a creative way and then maybe they can make an image fun and visually eye catching.
In Alexanders work, he is catching the eyes of a younger generation where new and postmodern work is very popular. I like this artist because he keeps progressing art with sharing his ideas through his visions and he is creating new things that are fresh to the viewers eyes. Incorporating his own heritage and background I think is also a great asset for him to keep achieving in his work because it will keep his artwork unique to him and no one else.

To look at the project I was just talking about, here is the page where you can view some of Alexanders work.