Man who ran over boy at MSP charged with drunk driving

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A St. Paul man has been charged with driving drunk after he ran over a 6-year-old boy at Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport last month, who was his way to greet his father returning from military duty in Iraq, news sources report.

A criminal complaint filed Thursday said Tommy Rodriguez, 61, told police he had drunk 32 ounces of wine shortly before he hit Zachery Drew with his car on Dec. 16, the Star Tribune reports.

Rodriguez has a previous drunk driving conviction from 2004 and is charged with criminal vehicular operation and third-degree driving while impaired, according to the Star Tribune.

Witnesses told police Rodriguez ran over Zachery Drew and dragged the boy for several feet. The vehicle did not stop until it hit a concrete wall, and Rodriguez admitted to not slowing down or steering away to avoid the boy, the Star Tribune reports.

Drew suffered a broken leg, nose, and jaw. He was released from the hospital in late Dec., CBS Local News reports.

Rodriguez's blood-alcohol concentration measured 0.07 percent nearly two hours after the crash, which is just under the legal limit for Minnesota drivers. He said he drank four 8-ounce glasses of wine a little over an hour earlier that evening.

According to the criminal complaint, "extrapolating backwards from that time" his blood was tested, "the defendant's blood-alcohol concentration at the time of the driving over the victim would have been at least 0.08 percent," the Star Tribune reports.

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