Analysis: Kaler's State of the U address

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By Alysha Bohanon

In the Star Tribune's article, "State of the U: Kaler suggests a year-round academic calendar," the author makes deliberate choices to highlight the main points of the University of Minnesota president's State of the University address.

A transcript of President Kaler's speech is available here.

The author organized this story in a way that would accentuate President Eric Kaler's largest (and most notable) suggestions rather than repeating everything he said. She first outlined his general points in a brief introduction. Then, under separate headers, she went into greater detail explaining his main two points: his plans to switch the university to a three-semester schedule and the 2013 budget.

Separating the topics with headers in this way helped the reader understand that these were Kaler's main points, and also gave the author a place to expand on these points with background information to help the reader understand the importance of what Kaler was proposing. In the academic calendar section, the author included excerpts from the 2011 report from the committee who studied the option and quotes from a skeptic assistant professor. This helped readers to see different points of view on the topic, as well as potential challenges it could bring.

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