Argentine 'miracle' baby declared dead, found alive in coffin

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An Argentine baby was mistakenly pronounced dead after her premature birth and withstood nearly 12 hours in a morgue refrigerator before being found alive, news sources report.

One-week-old Luz Milagros Veron was born on April 3, three months early, and had no vital signs, hospital director Dr. Jose Luis Meirino told CNN.

The baby's body was put in a wooden coffin and placed it in the morgue's freezer. Around 10 p.m., the baby's parents, Fabian Veron and Analia Bouter, visited the morgue to take a photo of their dead daughter's body, CNN reported.

Bouter uncovered the lid and touched her daughter's hand. "That's where I heard a tiny little cry. I told myself I was imagining it -- it was my imagination. And then I stepped back and saw her waking up. It was as if she was saying 'Mama, you came for me!' Bouter told ABC News.

The ice-cold baby was rushed back to the neonatal ward, CNN reported.

"I can't explain what happened. Only that God has performed a miracle," Veron told CNN.

Bouter told ABC News that the family plans to sue the staff at Hospital Perrando in the city of Resistencia for malpractice.

According to Meirino, the hospital followed protocol. After the gynecologist and the neonatal doctor on hand both found no signs of life, they observed the baby before pronouncing her dead, Meirino told CNN.

According to ABC News, the five medical professionals who were in contact with the child have been suspended pending an official investigation, Rafael Sabatinelli, the deputy health minister in the northern province of Chaco, announced in a news conference.

The baby weighed 1 pound 12 ounces and was listed as critical but improving condition Wednesday at the same hospital where she was mistakenly pronounced dead.

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