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October 3, 2005

Revision Strategies

Here are the ideas we discussed in class for revision. One I'd like to add that we forgot to mention is "scrap part or all of it." It's important to remember that sometimes it's ok to just get rid of entire sections because they're not working and you can't see a decent way to work with them. It's an extreme step sometimes, but it might be useful to feel like you have a fresh start. The list we made is in the full entry.
  1. Re-read the assignment
    1. Read in context
    2. Read out loud
      1. Style and flow
      2. Awkward sentences
  2. Separate yourself from the paper
    1. a See it from someone else’s (audience point of view)
    2. Read out loud
    3. Audience – stop and think about who your audience is
    4. Take a break, look at it LATER
    5. Print it out
  3. Look for specific issues
    1. Look for topic sentences
    2. Thesis
    3. Transitions
    4. Specific details, not enough details, etc
    5. Clichés or platitudes
    6. Word choice
    7. Organization (making that reverse outline)
    8. Logical progression
    9. “flow”? – try to get more specific
    10. Look for sentences that don’t sound right when you read them
    11. Evidence
  4. Make a revision checklist
  5. Reduce distractions / get the “right” distractions
  6. Eat
  7. Sleep
  8. Don’t do it all at once
    1. Timetable
    2. Specific time
  9. Give it to someone else to look at
    1. friend
    2. classmate
    3. Parent
    4. Teacher
  10. Revise with someone
  11. Writing Center
  12. Proofread
    1. With a style manual

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