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October 5, 2005

Web Analysis, Westerville Crew

Erin Desmond

I’m analyzing the Westerville Crew Homepage

It has a link in it.

The audience of the Westerville Crew homepage is any student interested in trying the sport out or a current member of the team or their parents. This page gives daily announcements and information on the sport in general. It is a tool used to make last minute changes known to a large group of people quickly.

The format of the website is very simple. There are quick links located on the side of the page for easy access to information that is frequently searched for. Roster information, directions and useful documents are a few of the quick links. Throughout the webpage there are also some links in blue that let you access coach’s information, pictures, and websites that the coaches want you to check periodically

Westerville Crew sets the page up with a date and time system. The most current post is listed first. Entries that were made at later dates are still left up for reminders, but the most current and important information is visible first. This system makes it much easier when a person is searching to see what time an event is supposed to be at or if practice is cancelled or moved elsewhere. It is set up with convenience in mind. The simplicity of the website makes it very user friendly. It is set up with the viewer in mind.

Posted by desmo022 at October 5, 2005 8:02 PM | Website Analysis


I agree that the site is easy to use and that it was set up so that the viewer could find the most important and newest information first. The site is simply laid out and all subjects of interest are listed on side to check out.

Posted by: Caitlin Connelly at October 15, 2005 3:32 PM