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October 9, 2005

Running GALORE!

When bored, there is nothing better than taking an hour to surf the net and update yourself on the world around you.

When an obsessed runner is bored, nothing is better than reading about statistics and times.

To combine the two loves, a super-track fan by the name of John Dye put together the ultimate website for any runner or running fan. In 1997, after his kids both won the Maryland State High School Championships in different track events, computer whiz John Dye compiled DyeStat, which today is one of the most well-known websites full of national rankings and times.

DyeStat is where it's at! The running-fanatic website contains anything to fill a runner's heart with joy, including updated race results, schedules, interviews, and pictures. The rankings are endless and are updated daily, thanks to John Dye and his amazing connections. Because it is supported by Nike and other sponsers, it contains gorgeous action shots that anyone can print off as haer own. One such picture was one of a female steeple chaser blowing bubbles with her gum in the midst of Junior Nationals... just seconds before she won. Nike also conducts interviews of elite high school athletes after they have smashed national records like it was a walk in the park. Events are updated by John and others, featuring the biggest meets in the country. Running products are also sold, including books, magazines, equipment, and athlete guides. Runners can converse about the latest races and records in the "talk" forums. Friends are often made here, and rivals are eased into small talk. The forums are divided into categories, including high school elites, different states for high school running, college running, equipment, and random topics.

If you want to be a good runner, you must be on top of things! Because DyeStat contains helpful information and endless advice, it is the average runner's necessity, besides oxygen.

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