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October 12, 2005

Are you ticklish?

In the mood to learn a little more about yourself? Or maybe you just want something to pass the time? If so, tickle is the place for you!

Tickle is a website devoted to promoting self-discovery and social networking through the use of a variety of quizzes. It was founded on the belief that personal insight and connections to others could be both scientific and fun. At tickle, users can take quizzes and have their results sent to other people of their choice. Also, after taking some of the quizzes, people who scored similar to you are shown and you are allowed to get in contact with them. This provides the social aspect of the website as well as many different ads and links to personal dating/networking websites.

The quizzes are separated into many different categories ranging from 'Entertainment and Celebrities' to 'Mind and Body'. These are mostly used for fun and don't typically provide much more insight. However, there is a section of 'premium' tests which are designed to give personal insight. You can take these quizzes for free and get your result, however, in order to get the full report you must pay a fee. I have found that it's not really necessary to pay the fee because they usually give you enough information in the free portion that is provided.

Tickle provides quizzes for people of all ages- from teens to elders. They are both entertaining and thought-provoking and new ones are being added all the time. Whether you're in the mood to learn something about yourself or just trying to pass the time by taking a few fun quizzes, Tickle is definitely the place to go!

Posted by kelle446 at October 12, 2005 8:26 PM | Website Analysis


Thanks for the link. I love taking quizes. I used to go to another quiz website called emode all the time. It was very similar to this one. The layout of the site is organized but also eye-appealing. You didn't really comment on its appearance, but you explained the content very well. I expect I will be going back to it quite a bit now (it's a good way to avoid homework).

Posted by: Sarah Markegard at October 17, 2005 7:45 PM

This is a great blog, I have actually been thinking about this tickling thing lately. Though many seem to not to be able to tickle me, I am a fiend at tickling friends. It is kind of funny that the only person that has ever been able to tickle me the way I most commonly tickle others(poking fingers into the person's sides and quickly moving them up and down) is the girl that I am currently with. Maybe it is like when people laugh at something someone else says when they like them(out of (?)curtosy(?)), but with tickling it is more subconscience. Anyway this is probably more than you care to hear and am not even paying attention to what I am writing now, but I did enjoy this blog, you did a damn good job!

Posted by: Ben Pedersen at October 19, 2005 9:56 AM