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October 13, 2005

The Guillotine is pretty much the wrestling website for Minnesota. It is a website based off of the magazine, but it contains much more information. The magazine relation is presented mostly on the homepage of the website. There are numerous articles written about various subjects, all relating to wrestling or the wrestling community. The internet website also contains many features that rise above the magazine.

There is a specific section on the home page titled forum, which is a discussion board for people to post on. This is divided into categories; such as high school or College. This is so posts can be somewhat relevant to what the reader is looking for. This gives the wrestling community the ability to discuss their opinions in a place where there is only moderate censorship. Some of the typical subjects under High School are about individuals, teams, matchups, and even sections as a whole.

One of the most popular aspects of the website is the high school rankings. Many concider TheGuillotine to be the official ranking of high school wrestlers in Minnesota. This always seems to cause some drama and debate over whom is better than whom, but it is usually fairly accurate. This is one of the main attractions to get people to visit the site for the first time.

It is pretty obvious by looking at the site that the main target audience is the wrestling community. There are numerous advertisements for wrestling shoes or headgear. Technique video tapes and wrestling camps are probably geared more towards coaches as something that could improve their team for the season ahead. Basically the website provides tons of information for wrestler and wrestling fans about what is going on in Minnesota that is wrestling related. It does this by providing many links to various aspects of wrestling so that anyone can find something that interests them. Check it out link

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