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October 18, 2005

A Serene Light

A calm, collected, and peaceful way to create light in your life.

This website sells a variety of dark candles and accessories. Candles are a great way to add a personalizing touch to your own living space and this place makes it easy. It encompasses all the accessories you will need, tips on how to keep the candles burning well, descriptions of the various wicked scents and much more.

These are quality handmade candles. They are solid dark colors, that come in dark blue, dark purple, dark red, etc. But my favorite overall is of course black. It is not just some half-a**ed coated white candle, it is black to the core. Since the candles are not made on a factory line each has its own individualistic quality (what some critiques like to call imperfections). There are four different styles of candles which are availible to purchase: pillars, votives, tealites, and tapers. All of the styles, except for the taper candles (only come in black and unscented), you can customize to your desired color and scent. There are some very intriguing and delicious scents, like: Cain, Graveyard Corpse, Forbidden Fruit, Absinth, Full Moon, etc. One of my personal favorites is Nosferatu. There is a whole page that describes each of the sents if you do not feel like giving in to your curiosity. I have found, for myself, that I had to try them all; which is easy with the option of sampler packs that they give you.

This web site has many different and unique candle accesories. There is a variety of the types of holders you can buy for any type of candle that they sell. You can also purchase candle snuffers and some other various items. One of my favorite aspects is that they really get into HALLOWEEN. They do this for most major holidays, I believe to just show some spirit, but nothing compared to all of the extra things they have for the extra special holiday that is placed at the end of October

There are also body care products that are sold here. Some of these include body mist, body wash, lip balm, and scented body oil. The scent options vary from product to product. There is a limited selection of scents from the candle options, but they also have some of their own scents. Of course there is an extended description of the scents so you do not end up paying for something which you despise.

There are some various other highlights on this website. For one there are shadow cards. The purpose of these are to collect ten and mail them in to recieve a free gift (usually worth about eight dollars and changes every month). You get the shadow cards by your purchases, one for every ten dollars you spend (not including shipping and handling). Another great thing on this website is that you can get on their mailing list. This is so you can recieve free updates, sales, new items, special scents, and a lot more. Lastly, there are the numerous links. All of these links seem to have a gothic or evil fear to them though, so proceed with caution for the weak hearted.

This site has changed my perspective on candles forever. They help me concentrate and get in a serene state of mind when I meditate, pray, journal, or whatever. Life is full of choices, which will be your's?

Posted by peder422 at October 18, 2005 7:56 PM | Website Analysis


This site looks really interesting. I am a big fan of candles and I discovered tons of fun scents and colors on the site. I will definatly look into purchasing some. Your post described it well and caught my attention. Thanks for introducing me to this cool new webpage!

Posted by: Dylan at October 20, 2005 8:06 PM