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October 20, 2005

The State Of Hockey

Minnesota wild hockey is up and going again! This site is for anyone who is interested in the sport of hockey. To visit here is the link to the site Wild Hockey.

Their home page is set up very well. It is fairly easy to get around the site because at the top of the page they have categories where when you move your cursor over them it shows what options you have under that topic. For instance when you want to go look to see if you can buy any tickets for upcoming games you would move your cursor over the tickets category and then you have options like: season tickets, club seats, event suites, executive suites, group tickets, on the glass, and single game. The site is set it up so easy that once you know what you are looking for you will find it in a matter of minutes. In my opinion I would say this site is set up for fans of all ages as long as you know how to use a computer you are in good shape. I also enjoy the look of this page because it gives you a look at their logo and some of the players. I think the coolest thing on the site though is the flag because it is the flag for The State Of Hockey.

On the home page there is many different choices to make. When on the home page they have the most recent articles on the most recent played games and sometimes, like now, the site has interviews that you can watch and read up on, right now they have an interview with Tom Kurvers, the Director of Player Personnel for the Phoenix Coyotes. Then to the far right of the page they always show when the next home game is and how many tickets are still available for sale. This I think is a great way to get fans to buy the tickets to the game.

Here on their offical site you can find out information about most of their played games and then you can see where they rank in the standings. Then they also have it so you can check out their roster and who will be playing with them in the future. Here is where I check up to see if anything new is going on with my cousin, A.J. Thelen. Here you can also check up on individual stats, of players playing right now, to see who is has the highest scoring record or who has the most penalty minutes, and more.

The Minnesota Wild have put everything on here that a fan could dream of. If your not a fan of the Wild at the top of the home page they have it so you can search for other teams home pages too, but i dont know anyone who doesnt like the Wild!

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