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October 20, 2005

Website Analysis of AeroForceOne

Are you an Aerosmith fan?

Aerosmith is by far my favorite band and I just so happen to be a member of their fan club, Aero Force One.

On their website, you can learn all about the band and their albums. It has a biography of each band member with a ton of information. It also has a section on each album they have produced. If you are interested in recent Aerosmith news, it has a news page you can visit or you can sign up for their email list and they sent you updates on tours and other news. Aerosmith has a large list of cities they are touring this year and you can find them all in the tour section. The tour section also gives the venues and status on ticket sales. If you are an AeroForceOne member, you can get tickets in advance and better seating. This is good information to know if you are planning on attending the concert here in Minneapolis at the Target Center. You can discuss concerts or recent news with other Aerosmith fans in the forum. If you are low on Aerosmith gear, then you can get everything you need at the AF1 Store! They have everything from jewelry to music to clothing. Well i hope you visit this site because it is a great place to learn more about my favorite band, Aerosmith, and get in contact with other Aerosmith lovers.

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