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October 21, 2005

Forrester Research Technology

s is my website analysis

I analyzed the website Forrester Research Technology research and advice .

This site was clearly directed toward smaller businesses that are in need of assistance and information regarding to their business practices.

It appeals to these companies by allowing them access tio lots of information about other businesses, some of which that could help them with their own small business.

It also appeals to them by the way it looks. it is a nice green color scheme, not very flashy, just looks professional.

This site intends to help small businesses model their business practice after the decisions of others, making informed decisions and hopefully doing better in the market because of it.

Posted by brow1759 at 4:30 PM

Ebaums World

The website ebaumsworld.com is one of the funniest websites I have ever seen. It has stuff that can make anyone laugh. It has clean humor for people who don't like dirty or vulgar stuff and it has everything else for everyone else. It has flash animations, jokes, videos, pictures, games, etc.. It is updated every week so once you've seen it all there will be more to come. I'll admit some of the stuff is kinda of gross but most of it is just hilarious. They have stuff that is just really funny and other things that are just really messed up and interesting to look at. So it is a good site to check out if your looking for a good laugh.

Posted by flem0142 at 10:28 AM

Peer Workshop Handout

Here is a pdf of the peer workshop handout I gave everybody for the last round. I think it would be a good idea for you to re-read the first page before you begin commenting on your peer's drafts.

Click here to view the pdf

Posted by bohn0025 at 7:41 AM

October 20, 2005

Website Analysis of AeroForceOne

Are you an Aerosmith fan?

Aerosmith is by far my favorite band and I just so happen to be a member of their fan club, Aero Force One.

On their website, you can learn all about the band and their albums. It has a biography of each band member with a ton of information. It also has a section on each album they have produced. If you are interested in recent Aerosmith news, it has a news page you can visit or you can sign up for their email list and they sent you updates on tours and other news. Aerosmith has a large list of cities they are touring this year and you can find them all in the tour section. The tour section also gives the venues and status on ticket sales. If you are an AeroForceOne member, you can get tickets in advance and better seating. This is good information to know if you are planning on attending the concert here in Minneapolis at the Target Center. You can discuss concerts or recent news with other Aerosmith fans in the forum. If you are low on Aerosmith gear, then you can get everything you need at the AF1 Store! They have everything from jewelry to music to clothing. Well i hope you visit this site because it is a great place to learn more about my favorite band, Aerosmith, and get in contact with other Aerosmith lovers.

Posted by odon0087 at 8:48 PM

The State Of Hockey

Minnesota wild hockey is up and going again! This site is for anyone who is interested in the sport of hockey. To visit here is the link to the site Wild Hockey.

Their home page is set up very well. It is fairly easy to get around the site because at the top of the page they have categories where when you move your cursor over them it shows what options you have under that topic. For instance when you want to go look to see if you can buy any tickets for upcoming games you would move your cursor over the tickets category and then you have options like: season tickets, club seats, event suites, executive suites, group tickets, on the glass, and single game. The site is set it up so easy that once you know what you are looking for you will find it in a matter of minutes. In my opinion I would say this site is set up for fans of all ages as long as you know how to use a computer you are in good shape. I also enjoy the look of this page because it gives you a look at their logo and some of the players. I think the coolest thing on the site though is the flag because it is the flag for The State Of Hockey.

On the home page there is many different choices to make. When on the home page they have the most recent articles on the most recent played games and sometimes, like now, the site has interviews that you can watch and read up on, right now they have an interview with Tom Kurvers, the Director of Player Personnel for the Phoenix Coyotes. Then to the far right of the page they always show when the next home game is and how many tickets are still available for sale. This I think is a great way to get fans to buy the tickets to the game.

Here on their offical site you can find out information about most of their played games and then you can see where they rank in the standings. Then they also have it so you can check out their roster and who will be playing with them in the future. Here is where I check up to see if anything new is going on with my cousin, A.J. Thelen. Here you can also check up on individual stats, of players playing right now, to see who is has the highest scoring record or who has the most penalty minutes, and more.

The Minnesota Wild have put everything on here that a fan could dream of. If your not a fan of the Wild at the top of the home page they have it so you can search for other teams home pages too, but i dont know anyone who doesnt like the Wild!

Posted by thele043 at 8:32 PM

Post test

This is my test post

I am an extreme procrastinator and this is being done at the last minute!

I hope this test post works because if it doesn't, i have nobody to go to when i do my webpage analysis... that would be bad

I'm going to work on my webpage analysis now...

wait a minute, i need to use italisize and underline

here is my link... aerosmith

Posted by odon0087 at 8:22 PM

Josh's Test

My Favorite web site is actually facebook so i will try a link to it here facebook

Here I keep in touch with all my Friends from other schools When i feel like i havent talked to the in a while i just drop them a line on their wall so that they know that i have been there.

Posted by thele043 at 6:27 PM


For anyone interested in anything about gymnastics this is the site. href="http://www.usa-gymnastics.org"> USA Gymnastics

Here you can find any information you want, whether it be about rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling, artistic gymnastics, or sports acrobatics.

This website is set up in an extremely organized fashion. All of the main topics are set up along the left column. This allows you to find what part of the sport you are looking for, and find it fast. In the middle of the page there is the most recent information about what is going on within the sport.

Not only does the page have sports information, but there is information about education within the sport. This part of the website is designated more for coaches instead of the athletes.

This page has everything a gymnastics lover could ever want. You can find anything about gymnastics that your little heart desires. If you can’t find what it is you want right away there is search part that you can access easily.

Posted by roet0036 at 1:29 PM

October 19, 2005

Need Tickets?

Sick of doing the same thing every weekend? Search www.ticketmaster.com for a concert near you. They have a user friendly search engine that helps you search by the artist, venue, or by the area you live in. It is perfect for band fanatics that want to find the concert closest to them. They have everything from big concerts to little venues that most people would not know about unless they were avid fans. There is something for everyone at this website. They have sporting events, theater productions, and as I said before, concerts. You can find something that specifically caters to your taste or something for the whole family. It also is a great idea for gift buying to find the perfect present for someone.

The best aspect of this website is the buying process. You can buy tickets as soon as they go on sale and have them delivered to you. If you want to pay a small extra fee you can get the tickets delivered within 24 hours. It is a very reliable service that concentrates on customer service. The program tries to get you the best seats possible and also helps you to find a ticket in your price range. Most people I know who want to get good tickets to a show rely on ticketmaster to provide them this service. It is also very safe, since you must use a credit card to buy the tickets, that your number is confidential and that potential hackers cannot get into the site by using a special code. If you are a frequent buyer you can use a buyer account and will receive special ticket deals.

Another perk of this website is the fact that they will send you e-mail alerts about new concerts that are in your area. You can get them for a specific band or just concerts or events that will be near you.

This website, www.ticketmaster.com , has always been a great resource for me when I buy concert tickets and I have always been happy with the results.

Posted by albre107 at 2:42 AM

October 18, 2005

A Serene Light

A calm, collected, and peaceful way to create light in your life.

This website sells a variety of dark candles and accessories. Candles are a great way to add a personalizing touch to your own living space and this place makes it easy. It encompasses all the accessories you will need, tips on how to keep the candles burning well, descriptions of the various wicked scents and much more.

These are quality handmade candles. They are solid dark colors, that come in dark blue, dark purple, dark red, etc. But my favorite overall is of course black. It is not just some half-a**ed coated white candle, it is black to the core. Since the candles are not made on a factory line each has its own individualistic quality (what some critiques like to call imperfections). There are four different styles of candles which are availible to purchase: pillars, votives, tealites, and tapers. All of the styles, except for the taper candles (only come in black and unscented), you can customize to your desired color and scent. There are some very intriguing and delicious scents, like: Cain, Graveyard Corpse, Forbidden Fruit, Absinth, Full Moon, etc. One of my personal favorites is Nosferatu. There is a whole page that describes each of the sents if you do not feel like giving in to your curiosity. I have found, for myself, that I had to try them all; which is easy with the option of sampler packs that they give you.

This web site has many different and unique candle accesories. There is a variety of the types of holders you can buy for any type of candle that they sell. You can also purchase candle snuffers and some other various items. One of my favorite aspects is that they really get into HALLOWEEN. They do this for most major holidays, I believe to just show some spirit, but nothing compared to all of the extra things they have for the extra special holiday that is placed at the end of October

There are also body care products that are sold here. Some of these include body mist, body wash, lip balm, and scented body oil. The scent options vary from product to product. There is a limited selection of scents from the candle options, but they also have some of their own scents. Of course there is an extended description of the scents so you do not end up paying for something which you despise.

There are some various other highlights on this website. For one there are shadow cards. The purpose of these are to collect ten and mail them in to recieve a free gift (usually worth about eight dollars and changes every month). You get the shadow cards by your purchases, one for every ten dollars you spend (not including shipping and handling). Another great thing on this website is that you can get on their mailing list. This is so you can recieve free updates, sales, new items, special scents, and a lot more. Lastly, there are the numerous links. All of these links seem to have a gothic or evil fear to them though, so proceed with caution for the weak hearted.

This site has changed my perspective on candles forever. They help me concentrate and get in a serene state of mind when I meditate, pray, journal, or whatever. Life is full of choices, which will be your's?

Posted by peder422 at 7:56 PM

October 14, 2005

funtime test post newness

paragraph tags

now you can just put "returns" bewteen paragraph tags and the tags happen automagically.

italic. bold. http://google.com

Posted by bohn0025 at 11:46 AM

October 13, 2005

The Guillotine

Theguillotine.com is pretty much the wrestling website for Minnesota. It is a website based off of the magazine, but it contains much more information. The magazine relation is presented mostly on the homepage of the website. There are numerous articles written about various subjects, all relating to wrestling or the wrestling community. The internet website also contains many features that rise above the magazine.

There is a specific section on the home page titled forum, which is a discussion board for people to post on. This is divided into categories; such as high school or College. This is so posts can be somewhat relevant to what the reader is looking for. This gives the wrestling community the ability to discuss their opinions in a place where there is only moderate censorship. Some of the typical subjects under High School are about individuals, teams, matchups, and even sections as a whole.

One of the most popular aspects of the website is the high school rankings. Many concider TheGuillotine to be the official ranking of high school wrestlers in Minnesota. This always seems to cause some drama and debate over whom is better than whom, but it is usually fairly accurate. This is one of the main attractions to get people to visit the site for the first time.

It is pretty obvious by looking at the site that the main target audience is the wrestling community. There are numerous advertisements for wrestling shoes or headgear. Technique video tapes and wrestling camps are probably geared more towards coaches as something that could improve their team for the season ahead. Basically the website provides tons of information for wrestler and wrestling fans about what is going on in Minnesota that is wrestling related. It does this by providing many links to various aspects of wrestling so that anyone can find something that interests them. Check it out link

Posted by pari0080 at 8:38 PM

October 12, 2005

Are you ticklish?

In the mood to learn a little more about yourself? Or maybe you just want something to pass the time? If so, tickle is the place for you!

Tickle is a website devoted to promoting self-discovery and social networking through the use of a variety of quizzes. It was founded on the belief that personal insight and connections to others could be both scientific and fun. At tickle, users can take quizzes and have their results sent to other people of their choice. Also, after taking some of the quizzes, people who scored similar to you are shown and you are allowed to get in contact with them. This provides the social aspect of the website as well as many different ads and links to personal dating/networking websites.

The quizzes are separated into many different categories ranging from 'Entertainment and Celebrities' to 'Mind and Body'. These are mostly used for fun and don't typically provide much more insight. However, there is a section of 'premium' tests which are designed to give personal insight. You can take these quizzes for free and get your result, however, in order to get the full report you must pay a fee. I have found that it's not really necessary to pay the fee because they usually give you enough information in the free portion that is provided.

Tickle provides quizzes for people of all ages- from teens to elders. They are both entertaining and thought-provoking and new ones are being added all the time. Whether you're in the mood to learn something about yourself or just trying to pass the time by taking a few fun quizzes, Tickle is definitely the place to go!

Posted by kelle446 at 8:26 PM

Tired of the Rain?

Are tired of walking out of a class to find that it is raining, even though it was sunny 50 minutes before? Well, if you are, you should be checking the weather before you go to class.

At weather.com you can customize your own weather page. I have my weather page set up to give me the weather in the Minneapolis area. You can also click on different tabs that will bring you to different functions on the site. One tab will bring you to a hour-by-hour page. I find this useful for the schoolday; I can see what the weather will be like before and after my classes. Another tab lets you check the weather for the weekend, so you can plan your activities accordingly.

So, if you like to be dressed so that the elements don't get to you, weather.com is a great place to check out. Check this website out, it is very useful.

Posted by wenzx009 at 6:25 PM

How do you like them apples?

Anybody who loves their apple computer half as much as I love mine will love apple's homepage. There are all kinds of downloads, cool ads, apple info., news and pretty much anything else having to do with apples, besides worms, seeds and cores. If you've never been to this very helpful and interesting site, you should really check it out. applehomepage

You'll find all kinds of neat little downloads called widgets. For all you pc people, widgets are cool little applications that are stored on a transparent 2nd backround on your desktop that are easily downloadable and accessable. There is such a variety of widgets that nobody can have them all, there are thousands. So instead you pick the ones you might use and or may find entertaining. On my apple I have a calculator, a calender, a dictionary/thesaurus, the weather forecast, the moon cycle and spanish and well as a yoda translator.

The apple website is yet another reason why apple computers rule! The simplicity of the site reflects just how easy mac's are to use. Everything is very clean-cut, attractive and easy to read and understand. There are all kinds of helpful tips and support pages for any troubleshooting you may need to do. Even my grandparents could navigate about this site with ease. They wouldn't quite appreciate all the free itunes downloads and other downloads like I would, but they don't really listen to today's music anyway, oh wait, niether do I...

Posted by dulbe002 at 1:10 PM

testing 1,2, 3

This is only a test, repeat only a test, check out this cool link: pothumor

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October 11, 2005



Written By Caitlin Connelly

It is not rare that a person knows their computer like the back of their hand, yet cannot give that hand a manicure because they don’t know how. For those people there is hope in the form of a website, Ehow.com. Ehow.com is the most practical website for people who need clear, step-by-step instructions to accomplish almost anything dealing with everyday life. The site is devoted to those who are tech savvy but not home savvy. Ehow.com explains it all, from hanging curtains to changing the oil to “what should I get Grandpa for Christmas?”

The site is simply laid out for convenient use. Fourteen categories are placed neatly on the home page of Ehow.com and within them are more subcategories to further refine any search (though one can start off by using the ‘search’ tool right away).

Once the topic of choice has been found, there are literally a number of steps to go about in order to fix or avoid a problem. For instance, under the heading “How to Avoid Common Traffic Tickets Other Than Speeding,” the web page gives a short introduction to the subject matter and goes straight into the instructions. Step 1 to avoiding traffic tickets: “Come to a complete stop at a stop sign and where a right turn is allowed at a red light. Drivers making rolling, “California” stops are easy prey.” As shown, the information is forward and helpful.

Along with explanations to fix many problems, Ehow.com also gives the viewer a list of related Ehow.com subjects, related websites, extra tips from other Ehow.com users, and even a "project details" box which rates the skills needed to accomplish the task (i.e. easy).

With Ehow.com one can find the solution to whatever problem they encounter in their daily life. The site name is easy to remember, it is on the internet for quick access, and is trouble-free to use. Ehow.com truly is the best do-it-yourself workshop on the web.


Posted by conne129 at 8:38 PM

The onion

You come back into your room after a long day of classes, you get on your computer and check the news. Within seconds your chuckling and your mood has improved. You might be thinking: Wait a minute, who laughs at the news? If your thinking this you've obvoiusly never visited www.theonion.com. Only that website can pull this off.

Thats what this site is all about providing news in a light-hearted manner. It gives you stories that are just so ridiculous you can't help but at least chuckle a bit. It's like a normal news website except all the stories are made up or at least alter a bit to add humor. This site is for anyone who needs or wants the news with a cup of humor. The main focus goes out to young adults or college students because they tend to be the most excepting of these comical articials. Its recommend for people over eighteen years of age. Thats not because its full of profanity or dirty stories. It's because some of the stories require a little thinking. But take it from me, it can be enjoyed at a younger age. I've been reading it since i was sixteen and loving every minute of it.

Theonion.com has every category you would expect to find on a normal news site: Local, National, International, Sports, Business, etc. They take some shots at celeberities and political figures in there writing, but nothing extreme. They have opinion columns and horoscopes. Anything you can imagine involving news they have.

The Onion website is a great place to visit when your bored or your just in need of a good laugh. It's projected at everyone, but especially college students. I suggest you grab an issue of it every chance you get. YOu can find it all over campus. If you can't do that at least visit the website www.theonion.com. I guarentee one of the articles will give you a laugh.

Posted by bergm148 at 6:30 PM



Websites like facebook, where you can search for any student in the world and join any group you could possibly imagine, are becoming immensely popular these days. You can find people with similar interests or someone who has class with you, or you can just find an old friend from high school to reconnect with. If you are someone like me who is a facebook addict, I've got another website for you to check out: CollegeClub.com.

CollegeClub.com is intended for any college student who is looking for an excuse not to do homework or is just bored and wants to kill some time. It has something for everyone. You can see this just by looking at all of the links at the top of the page. If you are interested in sports, gadgets, music and movies, politics; you name it, they have it.

In each one of the links they have a few popular topics to choose from. You can post comments for each of the articles and read what other college students have to say. Toward the bottom of the page are the top stories for the day. They include game, movie, and music reviews, as well as the U Life Feature and articles written by other college students like you.

Appearing on the right side of the page are ads that appeal to college students, a daily poll, flight and bus schedules, and a career and college link to search colleges, scholarships, and loans.

Once you can't seem to get through your day without a dose of CollegeClub, there is always the option of becoming a member. Members can get mail and IMs through CollegeClub and search for other members. Also, they can join clubs and chat with other college students.

The format of this website alone is enough to attract viewers. The layout of the webpage is very well organized, but also very eye-catching. The use of bright colors along with moving text and pictures really reel in the target audience, but isn't too much to make it cluttered and confusing.

The logo of the site, "Hook up in more ways than one.", sums up the purpose of the page perfectly. Not only can you get connected with other college students like yourself, but you can also get "hooked up" with the information every college student wants and needs.

Posted by marke082 at 1:34 PM

Test Post

Test Post

This is my test post and i really,really,really hope it works.

Here is my link.

Posted by marke082 at 1:08 PM

Ebaums World

Do you procastinate? Are you constantly intending to start your homework but for some reason always seem to get distracted by your computer, music or television in your dorm room?

Well, I am here to help you out with your distraction problem! If you visit this website I promise hours of procastination! ebaumsworld.com

Studies show that roughly 1,000,000 people visit this site a day! Can you guess who the majority of those people are? That's right....people like us. The audience this site brings forth is teens/college students!

Ebaums world is action packed! It offers a varity of entertainment options, such as: jokes, pranks, videos, games and so on. This website allows for some feet kicking, belly bouncing laughs along with hours of fun with friends. Ebaums world allows you to fool your friends/family members by using the soundboard packed with well-known celebrity voices. Celebrities range from Michael Jackon to Homer Simpson! If that is not convincing enough, there are magic tricks that are sure to fool anyone! This site is overall a harmless one to visit. It's all about fun and games and everyone is just out there for a good laugh! This site can help keep viewers occupied for hours on end.

The format of this site is very simple. On the left hand side there are options such as games, tricks and etc to choose in blue writing. You can access these links by just a simple click of your mouse. You will notice that your options are endless, the links (as stated above) run all the way down to the end of the website, how does that sound?

Please...don't wait any longer... HUMOR yourself and check out this website!

Posted by frasc010 at 12:55 AM

October 10, 2005

Website Analysis

If you want the inside scoop on the NFL, or want to hear some insider scoops on whats going down with Najeh Davenport's ankle before it's released to the public then profootballtalk.com is the website for you to check out

The site's main feature is its daily rumor mill , which boasts insider knowledge and valuable insight into organizations and situations. Though the term "rumor mill" comes off as very seedy, profootballtalk has a very good track record of getting the story right up to weeks ahead of other news outlets.

In addition to the rumor mill the site boasts team pages divided by the AFC and NFC. The team page then acts as a hub to even more links, such as the towns local newspaper or the teams official webpage. PFT also gives more links to more "credible" but much less interesting NFL websites such as NFL.com or the NFLPA site.

Though the site has a very humorous and satirical mood to it, the descriptions of the situations given are often very intricate yet easy to understand. They will break down a players current contract, and do the math down to laymans terms so most fans will be able to understand it.

So next time your favorite wide receiver is in a contract dispute, or you dont understand why Ricky Williams will only make 240,000 out of his regular salary, just consult PFT and have all your questions answered.

Post by Jared Dillenburg

Posted by dille046 at 11:35 PM

nfl.com analysis

Hello Football Fans!!!

What are you doing this Sunday?

Let’s be realistic here, we both know it’s not homework, your going to watch your favorite NFL team hopefully slaughter whoever they play.

If I described you, nfl.com is geared 100% toward you, the fan offering news, notes, history, game day information, ticket sales, proshop, upcoming events and much, much more. At the top of the site, there is a link to every team’s official website, including the Vikings website though no one likes them [:)]. The big eye catcher on the main site is the main headline picture that switches from one headline to another as you navigate the site. Overall the entire site is composed of many links to different articles on different teams, games, analyses, and news.

NFL.com features a ton of linked texts, images, audio and video and a blog roll. The NFL gears this site toward the fans by allowing you to pick your favorite team so each time you visit the site new news and notes are displayed. The NFL shop link affects the audience largely as each item is customized to display a certain team. It makes the audience feel at home and appreciated because “their” team comes first. Besides knowing about their own team, great fans enjoy keeping up with all the activity in the league (i.e. trades, injuries, stats, standings, etc.) which are all linked at the top. What’s that, your roommate didn’t let you watch your team? Not to worry nfl.com also offers highlights of every team and every game. nfl.com is a fans most informative site so haer can be ready for Sunday.

Posted by wayer001 at 12:50 PM

October 9, 2005

Running GALORE!

When bored, there is nothing better than taking an hour to surf the net and update yourself on the world around you.

When an obsessed runner is bored, nothing is better than reading about statistics and times.

To combine the two loves, a super-track fan by the name of John Dye put together the ultimate website for any runner or running fan. In 1997, after his kids both won the Maryland State High School Championships in different track events, computer whiz John Dye compiled DyeStat, which today is one of the most well-known websites full of national rankings and times.

DyeStat is where it's at! The running-fanatic website contains anything to fill a runner's heart with joy, including updated race results, schedules, interviews, and pictures. The rankings are endless and are updated daily, thanks to John Dye and his amazing connections. Because it is supported by Nike and other sponsers, it contains gorgeous action shots that anyone can print off as haer own. One such picture was one of a female steeple chaser blowing bubbles with her gum in the midst of Junior Nationals... just seconds before she won. Nike also conducts interviews of elite high school athletes after they have smashed national records like it was a walk in the park. Events are updated by John and others, featuring the biggest meets in the country. Running products are also sold, including books, magazines, equipment, and athlete guides. Runners can converse about the latest races and records in the "talk" forums. Friends are often made here, and rivals are eased into small talk. The forums are divided into categories, including high school elites, different states for high school running, college running, equipment, and random topics.

If you want to be a good runner, you must be on top of things! Because DyeStat contains helpful information and endless advice, it is the average runner's necessity, besides oxygen.

Posted by baryl002 at 9:52 PM

October 8, 2005

test blog

Test Post

Wow! Blogs are kindof lame if i have to type in all this html stuff. Sorry Dieter.

This is my link to everyones favorite football team's site! Go Packers!!

Created by Dan Wayer

Posted by wayer001 at 4:20 PM

October 7, 2005

Casual Luxury

What is casual luxury? To most its just two words that have nothing to do with each other. However, to others, it is what they think of when they hear Abercrombie & Fitch.

Abercrombie & Fitch offers online shopping that targets mid teens to young adults. The webpage allows both men and women to go online and view A&F merchandise (shirts, polos, jeans, pants, sandals, cologne, accessories, and more). Young users can view pictures of the products, read a description, and see the price. The layout of the webpage makes online shopping easy, and something that anyone can do. After ordering the product online, it will be shipped right to your home and you can track the order along the way, online

Other then just online shopping... The Abercrombie & Fitch website offers a lifestyle link which provides the young users with music, pictures, and screen savers. Not only that, but one can also locate stores around the United States, learn about career opportunities, learn about the history of A&F, and more involving what the company is all about. The webpage has a sense of sophistication, due to its classic black and white theme.

S-T-Y-L-E is what Abercrombie & Fitch is all about and they provide it through casual luxury. They offer quality and style that is unlike most other clothing companies. From the time you walk into a store or visit the webpage, you can tell that it is a company set apart from every other.

Posted by judge023 at 6:03 PM

James' Test Blog

So far I hate blogs

Maybe its just me, but I feel like it takes an unnecessary amount of time

BUT Its worth at try...

Let's see!

Posted by judge023 at 3:33 PM


Just a quick note to say that I've moved up the list of categories on the righthand sidebar. When you'd like to take a look at the Website Analyses (and the ones that are up already are looking pretty interesting), you can just click on that category to find them all quickly and easily.

Posted by bohn0025 at 1:33 PM


This is my test blog, dude

I'm pretty sure that this took me a while to figure out, due to my incredible lack of knowlege in the wonderful world of blogging.

But here is my cool link


Posted by baryl002 at 10:33 AM


My dad mentioned a site to me yesterday that would be great for somebody to either analyze or perhaps use for creating an argument for the second paper, lulu.com. It's a self-publishing site - you upload your own books or photos or whatnot for other people to buy. The proceeds get split between the Author and the Site.

Anyway, take a look, hey!

Posted by bohn0025 at 9:53 AM


Just wanna check if my blog works ?

Posted by aggar011 at 12:36 AM

October 5, 2005

Web Analysis, Westerville Crew

Erin Desmond

I’m analyzing the Westerville Crew Homepage

It has a link in it.

The audience of the Westerville Crew homepage is any student interested in trying the sport out or a current member of the team or their parents. This page gives daily announcements and information on the sport in general. It is a tool used to make last minute changes known to a large group of people quickly.

The format of the website is very simple. There are quick links located on the side of the page for easy access to information that is frequently searched for. Roster information, directions and useful documents are a few of the quick links. Throughout the webpage there are also some links in blue that let you access coach’s information, pictures, and websites that the coaches want you to check periodically

Westerville Crew sets the page up with a date and time system. The most current post is listed first. Entries that were made at later dates are still left up for reminders, but the most current and important information is visible first. This system makes it much easier when a person is searching to see what time an event is supposed to be at or if practice is cancelled or moved elsewhere. It is set up with convenience in mind. The simplicity of the website makes it very user friendly. It is set up with the viewer in mind.

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This is Holly Frascht by the way, and my blog login currently doesn't work at this time

Lets be honest... Its time to forget about blogs and start talking about CHIPOTLE!!!!

Look at this link

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I love blogs... blogs, blogs, blogs

Come on Ben lets be honest here

blogs are sweet

I mean just look at this and tell me that you dont totally love to blog

i guess we can just agree to disagree

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Ben's Blog

I REALLY do NOT like this BLOG THING!!!

Aren't there any easier ways to put information up onto the internet???

Maybe not, I am pretty ignorant when it comes to computers

I still hate these d&*# BLOG things though

This resentment towards blogs maybe because I just hate computers, actually a lot of new technology in general

Some say that technology is the way of the future and will make life easier, truth be told, I think that there will just be more problems that a simple one human mind can not fix so we have to pay more and more $ to get our crap fixed

Sorry Mr. Bohn for bashing this blog thing, but I guess I just have a resentment on anything new that I am not comfortable with

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Graham's test post

Since we have been having some very crazy and crappy weather, I thought that having a link to a weather website would be useful.

Here is the link to the weather site

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College Humor.com

If you have a pension for hilarious movies, drinking games and other insane shenanagans then this is the site for you.

College Humor.com is website whose audience of college students can post pictures, movies, and other content with the motivation of inspiring web surfers to fall off of of their surf boards laughing. There are many categories of topics that you can choose. Beware, however as one category displays nudity. Mostly they are pictures of topless women with the words "I love CollegeHumor.com" written across themselves. I just got a great idea. For the paper about writing technology I could introduce this as a form of written language that is rarely mentioned.

I enjoy the dorm room madness section as well as the signs section. Enjoy your time on CollegeHumor.com.

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Well! Will ya look at that!

I just got a mass-email that drew my attention to Live Ink, a Bloomington-based company that parses out sentences into easy-to-read chunks so you can learn to read faster. It looks interesting. I'll post a sample of how they do this in the full entry.

     My first experience
          with Live Ink
        came after years
            of trying various
                 speed reading courses
                      and software.
     I accidently
         discovered Live Ink
             after a Google search
           and experienced
                their free sample
                    reading trial.
     I was truly amazed
         and astonished
            by this remarkable
                and unusual technology.

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Paper Two

Here is a pdf copy of our second paper assignment. Link

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practice blog- gus

This is my practice blog

Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?

I wonder if this thing has spell check?

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October 4, 2005

Practice Blog

I do not enjoy this blog format

In fact I find it annoying

Oh well.... I guess it's something that will get easier w/ time and practice.

Here is a link link

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Test Entry

here is my test entry

I hope it works because i've never done it before

here is a link to facebook

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Do you Yahoo?

For anyone who utilizes the internet the word Yahoo is probably not an uncommon one. For many people they may use Yahoo for just about anything from web searches to e-mail. What many people don't know is what one of the best services that Yahoo provides is. Yahoo fantasy sports is the best source of free fantasy sports in the world because it provides the greatest amount of control and because it provides an unprecedented amount of services to ensure that every fantasy player can succeed.

Yahoo fantasy sports is designed to fulfill the needs of fantasy sports players around the world. It is designed for people of high school age and older with little experience to the most experienced fantasy player. Yahoo fantasy sports provides complete control of the league by the people chosen to be in control, that is the commissioner of the league has control of everything from the scoring system to the type of draft to be held, to the number of players on a teams roster. This control is one of the greatest services provided by Yahoo fantasy sports.

Yahoo fantasy sports offers several different sports from the most popular fantasy football to the rising sports like fantasy NASCAR. The popularity of yahoo fantasy sports has made it one of the most popular but for its members it is the services that Yahoo provides that really sets it apart from the rest of the internet fantasy sports providers. Yahoo has managed to partner with several of the most prominent internet sports news agencies. This allows users of Yahoo fantasy sports to have access to up to the minute injury updates and stats. Yahoo also provides one of the greatest features to any fantasy sports league, the message board. The message board provides a place for everyone in the league to trash talk any other manager in the league at any time. Yahoo also offers one of the easiest interfaces for trading, adding, and releasing players on your team. This makes it possible for even a novice fantasy player to take home the championship of his league.

Yahoo fantasy sports is the greatest and largest center for fantasy sports because of its ability to provide great services and the control that it gives to every player that participates in Yahoo fantasy sports. The high school age and older players are the major audience for Yahoo fantasy sports and they provide the best combination of services. You can tell that this is the audience because of the age group of the ads on the page. For the majority the ads are videogames and videogame systems. The best way to put it is that Yahoo fantasy sports is simply the best place for high school ages and older to participate in fantasy sports.

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October 3, 2005

Test Web Log

This is the first time I have ever seen or posted to a web log.

Here you will notice that the text is bold.

Now the text is slanted.

And, of course, you have bold and slanted.

Finally, I've added a link: google

by Caitlin Connelly

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Practice Blog Entry

This is the first time that I have ever posted on a blog, so I hope that it works

Here is the website that we are supposed to post as well

It has a link in it

Erin Desmond

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Website Analysis: VG

I'm analyzing Voices from the Gaps.

The audience for Voices from the Gaps is students who are interested in researching Women Artists of color.

The website assists them with research for their papers AND get them to participate in the site itself.

The site has a two-toned color scheme so you can tell it's trying to do a couple of things. Most of the content on the site is information about women writers and it has a lot of bibliographic information too, so you can tell it's primarily for researchers.

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Another Test Entry

This is bold text

Voices from the Gaps

This is bold text

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My Test Post

This is a paragraph. It is neat.

Here is another paragraph. It is also neat.

Here is a new paragraph. It has a link in it.

A centered paragraph

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The other day we broke down the word "Technology" into its component parts - both from the Greek. Here's what Wikipedia has to say about technology:

Technology is a word with origins in the Greek word technologia, techne, "craft" + logia "saying". It is an encompassing term dealing with the knowledge of humanity's tools and crafts.

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Website Analysis

Your assignment is to choose a unique website (by “unique” I mean one that has not already been analyzed by another student) and closely read it. Your goal should be to look at the site as a whole and answer the question “Who is the audience and what does the website purport to do for its audience?

More in the full entry

You will post your analysis to our class blog. You will also need to post at least one comment on another person's post. These posts should be placed in the "Website Analysis" category.

Websites have rhetorical strategies that are not available to more traditional print media. In our papers, we are able to consider style, argument, diction, organization, and a host of other issues that we’ve already discussed. A website, however, can manipulate these strategies using more than just the words written on the site. There are other considerations that affect how it is received by its audience, including:

  • Linked text
  • Layout
  • Ads
  • Audio and Video content, or a combination of the two (flash)
  • Images, including both the content of the site itself and its banner, logo, etc.
  • Affiliations with other sites (sometimes called a "blogroll")

You might want to think of this assignment as a "mini-paper." You will be arguing for a thesis that is specific (it answers the question of the assignment), substantive (it makes a real claim about the site's audience or purpose), debatable (the claim is something that you can defend and could be argued), and assertive (it's not wishy-washy about who the audience is or what the site does). Your thesis ought to be backed up by evidence - most likely an analysis of some of the site's charactistics as listed above.

But it is only meant to be a mini-paper. It should be somewhere in the neighborhood of 300-500 words. Your post should be up by October 14th, and you should have commented on another's post by October 19th. Note: the earlier your post, the more likely you'll be able to analyze your favorite site. No dupes!

One last thing to consider: your second paper is "An argument about writing technology." Since we're defining "technology" very broadly, this could be about any technology you can think of - from grammar to books to, yes, websites. It's perfectly ok to use this assignment as a jumping-off point for your next paper.

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October Schedule

here's a copy of our October Schedule, in PDF format.


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Revision Strategies

Here are the ideas we discussed in class for revision. One I'd like to add that we forgot to mention is "scrap part or all of it." It's important to remember that sometimes it's ok to just get rid of entire sections because they're not working and you can't see a decent way to work with them. It's an extreme step sometimes, but it might be useful to feel like you have a fresh start. The list we made is in the full entry.
  1. Re-read the assignment
    1. Read in context
    2. Read out loud
      1. Style and flow
      2. Awkward sentences
  2. Separate yourself from the paper
    1. a See it from someone else’s (audience point of view)
    2. Read out loud
    3. Audience – stop and think about who your audience is
    4. Take a break, look at it LATER
    5. Print it out
  3. Look for specific issues
    1. Look for topic sentences
    2. Thesis
    3. Transitions
    4. Specific details, not enough details, etc
    5. Clichés or platitudes
    6. Word choice
    7. Organization (making that reverse outline)
    8. Logical progression
    9. “flow”? – try to get more specific
    10. Look for sentences that don’t sound right when you read them
    11. Evidence
  4. Make a revision checklist
  5. Reduce distractions / get the “right” distractions
  6. Eat
  7. Sleep
  8. Don’t do it all at once
    1. Timetable
    2. Specific time
  9. Give it to someone else to look at
    1. friend
    2. classmate
    3. Parent
    4. Teacher
  10. Revise with someone
  11. Writing Center
  12. Proofread
    1. With a style manual

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