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October 7, 2005

My dad mentioned a site to me yesterday that would be great for somebody to either analyze or perhaps use for creating an argument for the second paper, It's a self-publishing site - you upload your own books or photos or whatnot for other people to buy. The proceeds get split between the Author and the Site.

Anyway, take a look, hey!

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October 5, 2005

Well! Will ya look at that!

I just got a mass-email that drew my attention to Live Ink, a Bloomington-based company that parses out sentences into easy-to-read chunks so you can learn to read faster. It looks interesting. I'll post a sample of how they do this in the full entry.

     My first experience
          with Live Ink
        came after years
            of trying various
                 speed reading courses
                      and software.
     I accidently
         discovered Live Ink
             after a Google search
           and experienced
                their free sample
                    reading trial.
     I was truly amazed
         and astonished
            by this remarkable
                and unusual technology.

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October 3, 2005


The other day we broke down the word "Technology" into its component parts - both from the Greek. Here's what Wikipedia has to say about technology:

Technology is a word with origins in the Greek word technologia, techne, "craft" + logia "saying". It is an encompassing term dealing with the knowledge of humanity's tools and crafts.

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