August 16, 2004

Branding and Manifestos: VG, V/G, Bee Gees?

One last post for today, coming from another thing brought up in the meeting and my own questions..

Masha had a great idea that we all liked, perhaps making a VG "manifesto" that would lay out what our goals are for VG. It could be a public essay - portions of which would certainly end up on the front page of the site. Writing a collaborative essay in the coming weeks would be a great way to cohere our ideas about VG.

As a starting point, I've got a question: Practically, how are we writing "VG"? "VG", "V/G", "VG: Voices from the Gaps"? What does the change from "Voices from the Gaps" to "VG" mean theoretically?

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August 11, 2004

How to Use This Site

Hi All

More in the full entry

If you're new to blogs, here's how it generally works. Main topics are posted as "Entries." There are put on the front page and serve as a way to keep discussion focused. (so this is an entry). Then each entry can be commented on.

On the righthand side of the main page are lists of the most recent Entries and Comments.

The engine that runs this blog is very much like the one I want to use as a backend for the VG site...

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Test Entry

Just a test entry to get things moving.

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