Politzer, Heinz. "'Give It Up!' A Discourse on Method"

Politzer, Heinz. "'Give It Up!' A Discourse on Method." Critical Essays on Franz Kafka. Ruth V. Gross, Ed. Boston: G.K. Hall and Co., 1990. p53

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The concept of truth distinct and separate from the process of signification
Consequently, in Politzer's reading, skepticism about ordinary language remains in complicity with the affirmation of truth "inaccessible to ordinary verbalization." With the emphasis on the inaccessible transcendental or on the emptiness of traditiona...
Exposé one: Critical Failure
The Failure of Narrativity: Benjamin's Kafka Exposé one: Critical Failure. What are you building?-I want to dig a subterranean passage. Some progress must be made. My station up there is much too high. We are digging the pit of Babel....
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