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December 4, 2008


While looking around at headlines I looked at NFL.com, startribune.com, and yahoo.com. The NFL site has mainly attention grabbing headlines about certain players or fantasy analysis. The headlines are generally very short and are more of a title than a description of the article, such as "Tomlinson's nemesis". At the star tribune the headlines are longer and sum up what the story is about while also leaving the reader wanting to read the rest of the story. On yahoo the headlines are more entertainment bases and focused on catching the reader's eye with witty slogans or questions like "What else can save Detroit?" These are usually linked to other news organizations since yahoo! is primarily a search engine.




this is the link from yahoo...http://finance.yahoo.com/banking-budgeting/article/106249/Who-Can-Save-Detroit?

Media Ethics

While searching for media ethics I looked at a number of sites. Among them were the SPJ code of ethics, the Poynter ethics process and the code of ethics from the New York Times. Both the SPJ and Poynter were short (a couple pages) of basic guidelines and procedures to follow to ensure ethical journalism. The NY times had a much more in depth look at basically all of the company's policies when it comes to ethics.