BLOG#4-Patience Bonglack

I remember playing dress up with my sisters when I was as little as 3years old. We used to try my moms heels when she was away, we used to sneak into her room and get her red lipstick and try it on while we watched at the mirror. I even remember playing "play play" (pretending to be a mom and doing activities such as cooking, fetching wood and sewing clothes for hand made dolls). Being from a third world country, we did not have Barbie's or "The American doll" to play with, but we somehow improvised. Being from an African background, it's widespread known that a woman's role is in the kitchen while the man is the breadwinner. These are the ideas I grew up with. Growing up in a middle-class family, I was privileged to have access to storybooks. Most of the storybooks my mom bought for me where mostly to fairytales. I had Cinderella, Snow white and the seven dwarfs, Pocahontas and many others that I can't even remember by name. Little did I know that all these books were designed to shape how I matured. As the readings say, even though most of these books and toys may have positive messages, they don't live children with a choice of who they want to be. Their future is already defined for them even before they could differentiate right from wrong.
Anne Elizabeth Moore in her short abstract, "Meet Anne", talks of how girls are being confined to a certain house where the environment has been feminized. In such cases, they girls have no choice but to act based on the norms of their surrounding. Even though this might be a great incentive to groom the girls to act like "girls", it's not a representation of the real world. When they get to experience the real world, they won't know how to act and most of such girls fall prey to assaults and even worst situations.
I will conclude by saying even though most children are highly influenced by their childhood toys I don't feel the same way. I played with dolls when I could but I don't feel like the dolls shaped who I am today. If that were the case, then I would not have been pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering

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