Assignment 2


Assignment 2

To start the assignment off, I first started listening to a little crazy music to help me become energized. I've attached links to the videos on youtube if you are interested. It's k-pop/ korean pop music FYI

Crayon by G-Dragon
One of a Kind by G-Dragon
Fantastic Baby by BIGBANG
Monster by BIGBANG\

I have found that listening to k-pop, though I don't know what they are saying, really energizes me.

Next, to become more creative I watched part of Daniel Tosh: Completely Serious.

Mind Mapping:
This is what my mind map of winter looks like:

Next, the three categories that I am interested in exploring are:
1. Hot food
2. Skiing
Slippery Ice

Ideation: Silly Ideas

Snow shoes with dinosaur tracks on the bottom
1 copy.jpg

Umbrella that is heated and lit inside.
2 copy.jpg

Skis that have holes in them to hold ski poles.
3 copy.jpg

Skis that have chalk on the bottom to make colorful tracks.
4 copy.jpg

Boots that have retractable spikes like automatic brakes on a car.
5 copy.jpg

LCD winter coat that glows like the northern lights when dark.
6 copy.jpg

Snowboard that glows when dark (LCD).
7 copy.jpg

Hat with speaker in puff.
8 copy.jpg

Coat that can hold hot chocolate.
9 copy.jpg

Coat that could fold out into a blanket.
10 copy.jpg


I like that you tried different approaches getting yourself into the right mood: silly and energetic. Thanks for a little intro to the k-pop culture for those who is not familiar with it.
I think you could develop your mind map a bit further to get to more long-tail associations. Maybe, include several drawings to make it more engaging for other people as well? You could also crop the images.
Little descriptions to your images could make it easier to understand your ideas.

I second everything Masha said. Thank you for using a unique way to get yourself into the creative mood. Your mind map probably could be developed further and be made more visual and accessible; the sideways text further reduces ease of reading. You should probably crop your images and you might want to look into using blank printer paper rather than lined paper for drawings. That would probably make it easier to draw and make your work look nicer in the end.

As for your ideas, the heated & lit umbrella is a wonderful idea! And clothing with displays is definitely advancing, so your Northern Lights jacket might not be far off!

Idea 5 exists, so people must have thought it was a good one:
Probably something to the snow track idea, too:

Color and drawings in the mind map might have been helpful to get your mind beyond the words.
Also, it appears as though you scanned the sketches, yet there are blurry portions to some of them. Adjusting the position away from the corner or edge of the scanner might have helped with this.

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