Assignment 3


Questions: to start with and if you get stuck:
-Have you ever skied before?
-What experience do you have with skiing?
-When and if you ski how do you feel about it?
-Have you ever thought about skiing?
-What is anything is holding you back?

Renee, a casual skier

Yes she has skied before. She started in junior high in her P.E class. This also continued in high school. She took a down hill ski course in college for credit with friends. She also goes on ski vacations in Colorado and Canada.

Skiing is a great way to enjoy the winter season. It's fun and good exercise. It's a good way to enjoy nature and challenge yourself.

Renee had a bad experience. She get annoyed by other skiers, i.e 12 year old boys, who ski straight down the hill, out of control. They disregard the rules of the hills.

She has never gotten in an accident, but she has fallen down, crossed her skis, etc, but not seriously injured.

Something that bothers her when skiing is how cold the ski lifts are.

Renee, a casual skier, needs to find a way to stay warm because the chair lifts are cold and the ride is long.


Andrei, expert skier (i.e. skis black diamond slopes and off trail skiing)

Yes he has skied before, he learned how to ski when he was 5 or 6 years old. So he has been skiing for about 16 years.

Andrei likes the rush of skiing. For example, he likes when he is just starting on a hill and it feels like he is in a free fall before the first turn.

He doesn't ski locally because it's just depressing. He mainly skis on the west coast and the rockies.

He's tumbled down the mountain lots of times and has to walk up to collect his things. He's been injured when he has put his hands out to catch himself.

Then there was the avalanche incident. He was skiing off trail and he was almost hit by an avalanche because there were forced avalanches that, but he didn't know that. So Andrei wishes that there was more communication about the hill conditions.

It bugs him that his hands get cold easily.

Andrei, an experienced skier needs to find a way to have better communication on the hill because of previous experiences (avalanche incident).


Sally, not a skier and has only skied cross country once.

Sally has only skied cross country once and she has never downhill skied. She doesn't want to ski down hill because she is not sure if she would do well and get into accidents. Mostly she feels that she will run into trees, people, and ski off a cliff.

Also, having not the proper snow gear, money, and transportation are holding her back.

For cross country skiing. It was pretty straight forward, she fell once, but other than that it went well.

Sally is a skier who has only skied cross country needs a way to down hill ski without running into other people and getting into other accidents.

There is no way for me to observe/ experience yet. Sooo... Research!


Total Number of Snow Sports Participants
Alpine: 8,243,000
Cross Country: 3,307,000
Alpine: 10,201,000
Cross Country: 4,318,000
Alpine: 11,504,000
Cross Country: 4,530,000
Alpine: 10,919,000
Cross Country: 4,157,000

Gender of Skiers and Snowboarders - 2012/13 Season
Gender Alpine Cross Country
Male 60% 60%
Female 40% 40%

Age of Skiers and Snowboarders - 2012/13 Season
6-12 Alpine 12.8% Cross Country 11.5%

13-17 Alpine 11.3% Cross Country 5.7%

18-24 Alpine 15.1% Cross Country 15.4%

25-34 Alpine 21.7% Cross Country 25.6%

35-44 Alpine 20.4% Cross Country 16.5%

45-54 Alpine 14.3% Cross Country 13.4%

55-64 Alpine 4.1% Cross Country 6.6%

65+ Alpine 2.3% Cross Country 5.3%



I think your topic is really fun to work with!
I have few critiques about your blog post:
1. Adding visual would help a lot while reading. You had all your text there with no visual support. I would suggest adding either photographs of the people you interviewed or you could've asked them to share photos of themselves skiing! that would've enriched your post.
2. Another suggestion would be converting the data you listed (Total number of snow sports participants, Gender of skiers and snowboards..etc.) into really simple graphs. Because as a designer, I would gravitate toward visuals rather than numbers. It would make it easier for me to compare all the statistics you have.
3. Another research area that I would recommend investigating is the tools used in skiing. Thing might inspire you to another problem statement.

I thought adding a problem statement after each interview is smart and easy to link to.

Hello Elise:
Your post is clean and neat; however that also makes your post less comprehensive. I feel like I am reading a report instead of a holistic, synthesized, and evaluative blog. You have research data to support your findings but there is no proper reference (maybe attach a link to your readers, and then we can check back to the website?)
Even though you cannot observe or experience your topic yet, maybe you can check the online retailers and see the customers’ reviews…or some observations like that, and then you will have more resources to talk about.
I can see you are a very logical person and maybe you are trying to carry that style to your blog post. But like Barry said, this is a design class, and you may want to make the blog have more design elements. The whole post does not include any pictures and seems a little bit “rushing” to me (sorry…but I feel like you didn’t spend enough time on this blog). So maybe next time you can spend a little bit more time on the brainstorm session and attach your process pictures! I am looking forward to your next post.:)

You have good organization with the different interviewees. And different sections. It would, however, be nice to have a bit more of an introduction before the "ASK" section.

Visual aids would be helpful and were part of the assignment requirements. Perhaps a picture of a ski slope on the Rockies for Andrei, for example.

Be sure you proof read your post thoroughly for grammatical errors before submitting the final post. "She get annoyed by other skiers"
"...hit by an avalanche because there were forced avalanches that, but he didn't know that."

Explaining the reasoning behind why you pulled the research that you did would have been nice as well.

Your survey did lean into opportunities and problems for your sub-theme, and this is great.
I liked how you did a research on ski since you couldn't observe and experience it. However, I felt that you could also observe your theme by watching youtube video on how other users experienced skiing. You could also reflect back on the past experiences you had on ski (if you had experienced) as the experience part of your post.
Another suggestion would be adding visual elements into your post, to make it more interesting to read. Although the research data was clear, it would be improved by putting them into a table, the data would be more organized and would improve the reading experiences for the viewers.

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