Assignment 4


Problem Statements - How might we...

Andrei, an experienced skier, needs to find a better way to communicate on the hill because conditions change quickly.

How might we find a better way to communicate on the ski hill?

Renee, a casual skier, needs to find a way to stay warm on the chair lefts because the ride island and out in the open.

How might we find a way to stay warm on the open-air chair lifts?

Brainstorming Session

4 people + myself

My new brainstorming idea is to get comfortable and relaxed. Wear comfy clothes and have a hot beverage(i.e tea, coffee, or hot chocolate) and play a fun creative game. Apples to apples is a good game to play because it makes you make connections you haven't thought of before.

Therefore we began by playing apples to apples as a warm up.

Participants: Kirk, Maria, Elise, Melissa, Stacey

Idea Generation

Hill Communication
IPM =.38

Chair Lifts
IPM =.4


When sorting the drawings into categories, my group of people did not understand how to do the silent sort no matter how many times I explained it. Talking when sorting worked well and was a lot quicker than expected.

Hill Communication

  • Safety-communicating concerns

  • Group Communication

  • Person to Person Communication

  • Non-verbal Communication

  • Trouble Avoidance

Chair Lifts

  • Fire-based

  • Electrically Heated

  • Natural Heat

  • Chair Modifications

5 Best Hill Communication Ideas

Com 2.jpg

A GPS watch that allows you locate other people or group members on the ski hill who are also wearing the watch.



5 Best Chair Lift Ideas


Chair 2.jpg

Chair 3.jpg

The last two ideas go together:
Chair 4.jpg

Chair 5.jpg
This is a charger for the battery used in the fourth image implemented into the arm of the chair lift


Your group came up with some good ideas! My favorite is the chairlift that only heats when someone is on it. This could be a sensor thing or it just takes 30lbs of weight or something to activate the heating mechanism. Totally feasible!

Some improvements I would recommend:

It looks like you have all the parts of the assignment here, so good job! One thing that I've mentioned to people is to act like the people reading your blog have no idea what the prompts were, or what you were supposed to do for this part of the project. That way it will flow better and be more engaging for the audience.

Also I would have included some pictures from the brainstorming session of people writing down the ideas and playing Apples to Apples. Or even struggling with trying to silent sort!

I think there was just a typo in this sentence, "Renee, a casual skier, needs to find a way to stay warm on the chair lefts because the ride island and out in the open." Easy fix. :) Also I would make your problem statement/how might we statement about communicating on the hill more specific. Such as how may we communicate better with other people while on the hill. Or skiers. or Mission control or whatever. Communication just seems a little broad without any specifics.

Good blog though! The pictures are all very clean and well thought out ideas!

You have everything very clearly laid out and easy to read but there are some things that would have made the process of reading your entry simpler and more interesting. First it would have been great to see some images of your actual brainstorming session, which provides more of a narrative style to the entry. Also, you mentioned some troubles you had with the brainstorming session - silent sort, etc - it would have been interesting to hear about what you think caused this or maybe some things you could have done better. Some of the words in the pictures are difficult to read and because not all of them have a sentence or two that explain them it can be slightly difficult to understand what's going on in some of the images. Maybe redrawing those could help or writing an explanation about what exactly the idea in the image. You do have some really nice images, clarity-wise and your blog has some good ideas. I like the GPS watch - I'd definitely buy one of those!

Hey Elise!

Looks like you had a great brainstorming session!

Apples to Apples is a good game, but I think another game that is a bit more active and doesn't provide answers to participants might have sparked more creative energy. I mean it looks like Apples to Apples worked well this time, but if you do another I think challenging your participants can jumpstart the creative process.

It also looks like your participants might have been getting too hung up on the details of their ideas, which probably limited the number of ideas you could get in the session. Afterwards is when you can take the time to figure out whether ideas will work or not, so next time make sure to encourage them to crank out those ideas! Less thinking is good sometimes.

Overall it looks like you got some great ideas you can work with (a detection system for incoming skiiers would be awesome!) so I think you're on the right track!


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