Assignment 5


For this assignment I used the ideation tool SCAMPER to generate more ideas. The idea I used was: the GPS watch from a previous assignment.



1. Substitute

  • If the GPS screen wasn't there it could be replaced by a hologram

  • Solar powered GPS

  • Band is rough so change it to a material that does not bother skin. I.e. cloth band around mittens or gloves.

  • Change of shape-- Have it modeled to look like a mountain

  • Let it voice activated instead of manual operation

Best idea drawn:

2. Combine

  • GPS with other capabilities

  • GPS and radar watch

  • Watch made out of one material

  • Automatically contacts authorities-- distress signal

Best idea drawn:

3. Adapt

  • Use regular GPS capabilities and project them like a hologram

  • Use nano(iPod) technology for size

  • Use GPS capabilities for field research teams

  • Underwater scuba diving GPS watch

Best idea drawn:

4. Magnify/ Minimize

  • Get rid of wrist function and implement into goggles

  • Voice telling how close or far you are away from others

  • Everyone in the world wears the watch and no one can get lost

  • Implement into mittens, skis, or snowboards, something that everyone would have on them.

  • Make into necklace and have it vibrate when you are close to civilazation

Best idea drawn:

5. Put to Other Use

  • Use for research expeditions

  • Family use at Disney World or other crowded areas

  • Modified as a location device. Pill Form. Stays in body.

Best idea drawn:

6. Eliminate

  • No watch capabilities just GPS function

  • No GPS function just radar

  • Radar/GPS on one wrist and phone capabilities on the other

  • Get rid of band and implement it into the coat

Best idea drawn:

7. Reverse/ Rearrange

  • One bracelet that allows user to see 360 degree view of mountain and location

  • Beeps louder and faster the farther you get from the group

  • Tells you how far you are from the ski lodge or "home base"

  • Tells you when you have left the area that snow patrol can get you

  • Updates for weather and avalanches

Best idea drawn:


For my table based tool, I used Morphological Analysis on the same product as part 1: the GPS watch

Here is the table I came up with:

And here are two more ideas that I generated when using the table.



When I reviewed my highly rated blue sky ideation ideas there weren't any that were silly so I don't have any revisions.

Here are ten ideas that I think could be actual products:
5 Chair Lift Improvement Ideas
Chair 2.jpg
Chair 3.jpg
Chair 4.jpg
Chair 5.jpg
5 Communication on Ski Hill Improvement Ideas
Com 2.jpg


I was a bit confused reading your post. What exactly is your domain? I understood the watch part, then you added seats? It was good how you listed out all of your ideas and then sketched one. This is a nice way to see all of your ideas from the techniques in class. A small change to make might be using one consistent format for your ideas. Your ideas are good and it is easy to see that you were successful with the technique!

very wide exploration of navigational features, does this fit into your main idea topic for your product problem? i see various ideas in the last ten pictures, Did you specify one part of that topic for watch/navigation?

as for your ten ideas in the end, it might have been better to start to specify into one item feature. i see you explored a lot with the watch devices/GPS, maybe direct all ten to those features to better develop your product pitch?

Hi Elise,
I too am a little confused about your overall topic that you're trying to design for. I appreciated your bulleted SCAMPER rather than take images of handwritten text. I also would have liked to see a caption or reference to when the ideas were created. It doesn't have to be anything extensive, just something that would make my search easier if I wanted to find it earlier in your posts. As for designs, it seems like you're pretty set on the base of a watch. If the importance is the GPS function, could you apply your designs to other accessories? How about applying them to clothing that is more commonly worn(sweatshirts, tshirts, jackets, etc.)

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