Assignment 6


For this assignment, I polled people about my ten original ideas and narrowed it down to five ideas with a few modifications in each design.

These are my five ideas:

This idea is about modifying chair lift seats that have an electric seat heater in them that activates when a person sits down and deactivates when a person stands up. The people that I polled said that they'd pay around $2-4 extra if a lift ticket started at $26.

The second idea is a GPS tracking device that has watch capabilities and you wear it on your wrist. I received mixed feedback on this one. Many people said they'd rent it for around $10-15 each, but probably not buy it. It was discussed that perhaps it could be used elsewhere, not only on the ski hill, but also at crowded places like Disney World for families.

The third idea is a sensor which has a earbud or headphone jack that beeps faster as things are approaching, like another skier. This idea is meant to help people avoid collisions. People were also discussing modification for this idea. For example, adding a distress signal button if something does happen. The button automatically calls emergency personnel. Renting for around $5, but people said they'd buy it for around $15-25.

The fourth idea is for ski brakes that are GPS controlled. If a skier is going fast and out of control, the brakes will gradually slow you down. It provides parents a way to control their kids on the bigger hills. People said they'd rent it for an additional $4-15 of regular ski rental.

The last idea is the heated clothing set that has a switch that allows you to choose what part needs warming the most. Most people agreed that this would be the most expensive item. For the whole set, people said that it'd be $200-400.

Part A
2x2s of ideas
Idea 1:
Idea 2:
Idea 3:
Idea 4:
Idea 5:

Part B
Patent Search
Idea 1:
Method for heating the seat and/or back rest upholstery of a chair pertaining to a chair lift installation, and corresponding chair
Patent #:EP1601564 B2
The invention relates to a method for heating the seat and/or back rest upholstery (4, 5) of a chair (3) pertaining to a chair lift installation, said method being characterised in that the seat and/or back rest upholstery is heated while the chair is in the chair lift station, by means of an electric heating device (7) integrated into the seat and/or back rest upholstery. The invention also relates to a corresponding chair (3) comprising an electrically operated heating device (7).

Idea 2:
Watch provided with global positioning system (GPS)
Patent #: CN103123457 A
The invention provides a watch provided with a GPS. A display screen capable of displaying time and the GPS respectively is arranged on a watch body. A time display and adjusting button and a GPS display and operation button are arranged on two sides of the watch body respectively. A display brightness adjusting button is further arranged on one side of the watch body. During utilization, time and positioning can be mastered by operation and adjustment of various buttons, and the watch is particularly applicable to outdoor operation.

Idea 3:
Method enabling skier to determine skiing speed by employing Doppler principle
Patent #: DE19820186 A1
A transmitter is fitted to a ski boot to send out electromagnetic waves. Radiation is reflected by the snow and picked-up by a receiver on the ski boot. Speed is displayed after being calculated by a Doppler principle electronic device using the frequency shift between rays sent out and rays bounced back. The transmitter-receiver device is fitted at a constant angle on the ski boot

Idea 4:
Ski brake
Patent #:WO2009100385 A1
A ski brake is attached to a ski to provide a controllable drag to the advance of a ski on a snow surface. A cable extending from a ski-pole mounted grip to the brake allows a skier to adjust the amount of drag. The position of the ski brake and thus the amount of drag can be controlled wirelessly as well.

Idea 5:
Intelligent electronic heating clothing
Patent #:CN201782002 U
The utility model relates to intelligent electronic heating clothing, which comprises a polyester heating film and a battery box and is characterized in that polyester heating films are arranged on the cloth inner layers of various common clothes, and the polyester heating films are connected with the battery box through lines. The utility model for supplying heat to a human body through heating by the polyester heating films not only has simple structure and is soft and comfortable but also is easy to fold and store and has lower production cost, is suitable for numerous people, can be used when the clothes are manufactured, has wide market prospect and is easy to widely popularize.

Idea 1:
Biggest Concern/Unknown: How the heating coil/element will get down to the seat to make it warm.

Estimate: Most chair lift seats are made out of aluminum which is $9 per kilogram. So say the chair lift is 100lbs. The cost of the chair lift chair would be $450. Heated seats that you can add to your car cost any where from $100-200. So my estimation is $550.

Idea 2:
Biggest Concern/Unknown: Service out in nature. To my knowledge, GPS mainly works well in cities.

Estimate: A lot of GPS technology is selling on the consumer base at around $100 or so. I couldn't find what it is manufactured for. The band could be made out of nylon or other cloth materials. Nylon per kilogram is around $3-5. So maybe if GPS technology manufactured is $20-50. It would be $25-55.

Idea 3:
Biggest Concern/Unknown: How to tell the difference between what is too close to the person. Distance.

Estimate: I think this is a lot like the GPS. Couldn't find radar technology pricing either, but sonar equipment sells for around $100-1000. Ear buds are around $10-infinity depending on the quality. So the cheapest this product would be to make would be under $20.

Idea 4:
Biggest Concern/Unknown: How to slow down gradually without tipping the skier over by sudden change.

Estimate: Aluminum is about $10 per kilogram so I would estimate just the brake part around or under $10

Idea 5:
Biggest Concern/Unknown: How the electrical clothing set would fit together and not cause an electrical problem.

Estimate: A coil of Teflon wire is about $12. Clothing could be made cheaply. Take a hat. A hat would US $0.32-0.45 per piece. My estimate is that the whole set could be easily made under $30.


When I read the first paragraph under Marketable, I was slightly confused because I wasn't sure what your topic focus was and didn't know what type of chair lift you meant. I just put together that all your products relate to skiing. It might just be me though. It would be really nice to number your ideas in the marketable section and maybe include a little picture of the proposed idea. I know I could have scrolled down and looked at the ideas, but it would be handier as a viewer if it was in this blog post too and I think would help convey your ideas to the readers.
On the 2x2 for ski radar, I see that you put pictures of the GPS and iPhone twice. I realize that the iPhone makes both sounds and vibrations, but it should have just one picture in the very middle of these two criteria rather than two separate pictures. The 2x2 is a spectrum or scale rather than a quadrant type analyzation visual, if that makes sense.
It would also be nice to see a visual for survey results and have more information about survey answers included. Overall, I think you have some solid ideas and nice clean visuals for the 2x2s.

You had plenty of important information through this blog post, but the lack of organization was a little off putting. Everything was laid out in a readable manner, but there were not many contrasts between sections. Most things bled one into another such is the case with your 2 x 2's. perhaps adding lines in between them and other sections would help.

Including more information about the survey results would be nice so that we could see how that benefited and helped you move further in this process.

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