Assignment 7


Idea Selection and Pitch

Pugh Chart

From the PUGH Chart I chose to use the heated chair lifts seats as my final idea.

Brainstorming Names

When brainstorming names, I like to write down words that describe the product I am trying to name. When I have a good amount of initial naming ideas I look up synonyms to those words and combine different words to create names.

Obviously, certain combinations will not work well together. This is mainly seen in the synonyms for chair and seat.


Heat -- fever, hot weather, warmth, fieriness, hotness, warmness, thermal
Chair -- armchair, bench, recliner, rocker, sling
Seats -- bench, chair, couch, lounge
Chair Lift -- J-bar, T-bar, lift, poma, rope tow, ski lift
Warm -- balmy, heated, hot, lukewarm, mild, pleasant, sunny, sweltering, temperate
Ski -- no synonyms

Thermal Lift stood out to me because it describes the product while being professional.


Video Elevator Pitch


Note: Although not included in this video, I will have a poster of Thermal Lift in my presentation on Tuesday.


Hello Elise!

Very neat and concise blog post. Good job hitting the main points. I think that your way of naming the product is very interesting! I have never heard of that, and will have to try it myself.
Here are some ways you could improve your post/pitch:
1) "From the PUGH Chart I chose to use the heated chair lifts seats as my final idea." Were the Pugh Chart results the only reason you chose the 'Thermal Lift'? I am sure you had other reasons why you chose this idea, I just don't know any of them from your post. Maybe you could say some other reasons why you chose this idea over the others?
2) Include a personal story in your pitch. (maybe from you snowboarding/using lift)

I really liked your pitch otherwise. You came out and stated your research, market, some facts and the description. Very insightful. And I really liked how you ended by saying that "Your company should invest in this product" (or something close to that...). That right away identifies and relates to the audience.

Hope this helps!

Hi Elise,

Your pitch was very interesting and well articulated. I really appreciate that you took an effort to organize your thoughts well.

While you have clearly identified the need for the product in the market, I thought you could have mentioned a little more about the problem this would solve and how this is different from other chairlifts? Having said that, I realize that there is only so much that you can mention within the short span of time. Other than that, I think you did an excellent job in addressing all the key points in your pitch.

With respect to your blogpost, it would have been nice to see some rationale behind your decisions in the Pugh chart.



Excellent blog layout, everything is clear, concise, and informative (especially your detailed sketch). As for the product itself, I think that it's an interesting concept. I know I'd certainly like to be warm on the ski lift, but I'm concerned about the practicality of its implementation. It seems to me like i would be expensive to run and install. What might make them more practical is if the heat somehow were generated by some of the moving parts of the lift itself.


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