December 1, 2004

The Indiana Pacers

Wow, what a tragedy. The recent scandal between the Indiana Pacers players and Detroit fans has created several questions/concerns. Without Ron Artest, Jermain O’Neil, and Steven Jackson, which are serving suspension, do the Pacers have any chance at an NBA title? I would say they still have a possible run at the title; however with a number of players nursing injuries, such as: Reggie Miller, Jeff Foster, Jonathan Bender, and Scot Pollard, I do not even think the Pacers are a contender for a playoff position.
Another concern that has arose since the scandal is the need for additional security in NBA arenas. Many people feel that this incident was caused by a lack of security. I believe this is lack of security is somewhat a concern; however the two main problems are the immaturity of the fans and the response of Artest. Prior to the brawl in the stands, Artest and Ben Wallace had a confrontation. Artest did not feel a need to rush up to Wallace and throw a punch; maybe because Artest knew Wallace would have won that confrontation. Instead Artest decided to take his aggression on a fan. I believe that this is the main concern regarding the scandal.

Posted by borc0075 at December 1, 2004 1:31 PM