April 20, 2005


I don't have one favorite television show, But easily one of my favorites would have to be the short lived show Firefly. It blended science fiction, so well with comedy. It was well written. It was more than just that, it told an engrossing story, which enveloped everyone I know who say it. The only people who didn't like it were FOX, and they are stupid.

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April 12, 2005

Walking among sleepwallkers

Through high school, i watched, as the Downtown stations were being constructed. the first year, i didn't give it much thought at all. then, as i learned about it, I did give it thought. I thought how useful it could be (and apparenly is). I first rode the Hi last summer, in late augus. i road from 46th street to downtown, and it was an enjoyable time. the train was not crowded, it was well kept, and it was a very smooth ride. I liked it.

Then, i road it on Friday, april 8th, from downtown, to the Mall. There were a whole ton of people. This thing was crowded. IT took me off guard, because most people were on the train the whole ime i was, which was most of the line. The train was still nice, and a generally happy place. happier, almost. it was, and is alive. Then i got to the mall.

And it was suddely a mall. dead, full of people not being people. they were all full of somnambulism, as people are at the mall. People at the mall are not alive, they are sleepwalking through life. It is almost as though the stations pick up the feelings of the area that theya re in. they didn't add to it at all, they are just reformed peices of the same old place, though neater and nicer than before.

Article on "The Hi"

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April 5, 2005

yellow arrow ripoff

so, um, here we go.

The St anthony Main Theater is a good theater, it is independent, and does some weird stuff, like host the world premier of Planetfall, and has en excellent view of the river and city.

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Reactive Armor

I recently realised i am running out of neat internet things to do.
maybe it is a sign.

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