September 11, 2006

General information about myself.

Hello everyone! My name is David Borden and I am a freshman at the University of Minnesota- Carlson School of Management, and will be majoring in Accounting. My journey in choosing to attend the University is an interesting one. My first choice of college had always been the Carlson school of Management, so when I recieved a letter telling me I was put on the waiting list for the Carlson, I was devistated. I was accepted into the the College of Liberal Arts, but because of my interest in business, I had to start exploring other opportunities. My next step was to apply to a few new schools. This process went well, I was accepted into both the University of Minnesota-Mankato as well as the unversity of St. Thomas, and in turn had decided to attend the University of Mankato. My next four years were set! It wasn't more than two weeks later though, that I recieved a letter from the Carlson School of Management. They told me I was accepted from the waiting list, and could now attend class in the fall!! I quickly sent in my acceptance. This only being 5 months before class begins, I was very lucky to recieve the letter, and am thankfull for the opportunity to attend the college of my choice.