November 19, 2005

TGIF!!! I know it's lame...but it's FRIDAY!

Who else is really happy that it's Friday?!! Well I know that I am really happy! This week was really no fun, I guess I can't say that, I did have some fun this week but the fun events seem to be taken over with the not so fun events. But who cares right?! It's Friday...ok so you can tell that I do care otherwise I wouldn't be talking about it, but let's just say that I've moved on from the school downfalls this week.

Today went pretty well, I had class from 9-12:30 so that wasn't too bad. Then I was able to miss work to go visit the little girl who work with at her new school. It was really interesting to see her in that atmosphere. She goes to a new school that really focuses on ABA style teaching so it's a little different than what we do at Fraser. Yea I don't really understand all of ABA or at least it's hard for me to explain, so your best bet is to google it :) But this new school is just doing wonders for her! She's sitting for long amounts of time and following directions REALLY well! They do a lot of demands followed by a reinforcement-so she does really well. It was a very comfterable setting as well; there are only 7 kids total at the place so 2 of Hailee's teachers were able to sit and walk me through everything that they were working on with her and gave me some really useful information for when I work with her at her house. I figure whatever I can do will hopefully help her. I have to say that I was very excited when I first came in and Hailee saw me she came right up to me and wanted me to pick her up and give me a hug! It made me feel soooo good! And the teachers were excited that she was able to recognize me in the school setting because I had never been there before! So that kind of made my day! She is sooo sweet!

After I left Hailee's school, I headed over to the Mall of America to meet up with Raymond to get something to eat...bad idea...I was in trafic from the minnetonka area to bloomington for a total of 1 1/2 good. So I did something I never thought I would do..I turned to the a.m station! My Dad has always listened to a.m. and I never thought that I would switch to the a.m side but you can only get too much Christmas music and music talking about a girls hump so many times. So I did it...I listened to 1280-the patriot, and sad to report I really liked it! No wonder why my Dad has always been so relaxed; how can you not be! So I made a.m. pre-set dials and for now they are on the down low (man down I back at high school...oh well, it's ok to reminise).

Well I guess I should hit the's been a long week!

-Ok so it turned out that it's Saturday now and this entry that I wrote on Friday I forgot to it should be for Friday the 18th...sorry!

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November 18, 2005

I need to just keeps rolling along

Well today was awsome... :( I said that this wouldn't be used as a pity party, but man today just stunk! So I got my lame research methods class test back and let's just say I've never scored that low on a test good. I've pretty much narrowed down why I haven't been doing well in that class..I am never able to go! That is my first class to go when I have a test or have to play catch up for my other classes-I know that that is a horrible thing to do but like I've said before, there is really not enough time in the day to complete what I have to get done. I also had my neuroscience test today, and I got done early with the test only because I really didn't know the was really hard! But it calmed my fears when everyone who I talked to after had a really hard time with the test as well. I guess that makes me feel better...I hate to say it, but I really think that I spread myself just too thin this semester. But good thing classes are almost done! That was my last midterm, so all that's left is finals.

I'm really excited for Thanksgiving...not so much for the food (don't get me wrong, food is good) but because we get a break! There is no class...I don't work...and the little girl I PCA for is going to her Grandma's in Michigan. It'll be a really nice break! Plus it'll be nice to spend time with my family. I love my family but they are really on the side burner this semester because I've been so busy.

Let's see...what else has been going on lately...hmmm. Well I've been thinking a lot about graduate school. Initally when I found out that to become a speech pathologist I just assumed that I would go to the Universtiy for the graduate school not ever considering how difficult it is to get in. To clue you in...only around 30 out of the average 300 people that apply actually get in...esh. I only hope that all the work that I've put into my undergratuate work and activities will pay off! I'm also applying to St. Cloud which wouldn't be a horrible option. It is cheaper and I could live up there, but then you have to go through all of that hassle of finding an apartment, and familiarizing yourself with a new area. If I do go to the U, I would probably live at home...and I know it will probably be hard (I love my family dearly, but it'll be hard) but at least I won't have to worry about housing and food more importantly!

Well enough about graduate school...I swear everytime I think about it I get sick to my stomach! I shouldn't worry so much but it really is a huge deal and I would just love to have my decision made already on where I am going, it would make my life just a little easier. I'm hoping to finish my grad applications this weekend and some how try to come up with the application fee.

Well Raymond and I went and saw the new Harry Potter tonight...yea I know opening night, a little cheesy, but it was good! The only thing that was a little disturbing was all of the really intense violent scenes! It is only rated PG! So there were really young children around 2nd grade (that was another thing that was disturbing; young kids are not supposed to be up until 3:00 in the morning-I guess the parents will have to deal with a really tired and crabby child in the morning!) I know that the movies are based off of books that are more geared towards children, but reading about things and actually seeing them played out is a little different! I mean you can read all you want about say war, but until you watch the history channel or a really graphic movie it really doesn't set in how horrible things are. I don't know, maybe I'm reading into it too much...I mean I'm sure no child is going to encounter a dragon where they will need to use their magic wands, but same violence concept. I guess I shouldn't get started about children and violence....this blog would turn into a short book!

I was randomly thinking about becoming a interpreter for the deaf or just becoming very fluent in sign. I really don't have the opportunity to practice that much now, other than my forcing Raymond to learn some sign, that usually ends in him walking away rolling his eyes. I wish there was some way to just become emersed in it! I truly beleive that is the only way to become fluent and natural at a language. I mean, people who learn french go to france for a semester-or even a week-and come back better french if anyone has any ideas to help out my fluency problem, let me know! What made me think more about this was when one of my friends from high school (who attends a large church which reguarlly has an interpreter) told me that the interpreter was sick and couldn't come in, and the pastor was pleading for anyone who knew sign to help out. I don't think I would have felt comfterble at all going up there knowing what I know but someday it would be really neat to be able to help in that way. So we'll see what the future holds!

Well it's 3:30 am and I really can't think of anything else that's been going I think I'll head to bed! Night!

**Oh if you are looking for a good book to read check out "The Celestinve Prophecy" by James's a thinker!

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November 17, 2005

Well it's 12:00 and I have a Neuroscience test tomorrow

Well you may be wondering "what do you do to procrastinate from studying for a Neuroscience test?" And obviously my answer is create a blog....I mean how much can you study neuroscience for? Don't get me wrong..I'm a totally bio nut! But...I guess just not tonight! I wanted to start a blog so people can 'track' me to see what I'm doing..because truly I don't think that I step out of my room except when I go to school. I apoligize if this turns into a pity fest...I'll try my best to keep it interesting!

Well if you haven't seen me in years, I guess we can do a little catch up. I'm finishing up my senior year at the University of Minesota-Twin Cities after a little "college shopping around" Gustavus...then to Hamline...then to the U..but I'm happy here so that's all that counts right? I'm double majoring in speech and hearing science and Child psychology. Why you ask? I have no idea! I'm in the process of applying to graduate schools to get my masters in Speech Pathology...again why you ask? This time I have an answer...I have to! But it's only an extra 2's not so bad right?! Let's hope so. I'm still with Raymond and we're coming up on our 4 year anniversary.'s been a LONG time! But things are going better than ever between us, he even said the word marriage once! But let's not get ahead of ourselves here! Speaking of marriage, my brother and his fiance are getting married next September! I'm really excited for that! Both Raymond and I are going to be in the wedding, so it should be a fun time! To stay on the marrage subject, I swear everyone and their grandmas are getting married! Bryan and good friend Bethy and her boyfriend(now fiance) Zach, I swear there is more...hmmmm...well there's a lot. It makes me think about when that time would come for Raymond and I...not for a while...:) I think about how stressed out I get in school right now, and putting a wedding on top of that, I think I would be found crying in a corner with my speech books and wedding dress...let's just say we're waiting! But by the time we do get married we probaly would have been dating for over 7 years! When are you legaly bound by the state...? Oh well. We'll have lots of time to get to know each other.

Ok, so off the wedding topic...I think that's pretty much been all that's going on up until now. Oh I've been working at Fraser child and family center for over 2 years now. It's sort of like a preschool but for children with autism. I absolutly love it! If you spend 5 minutes with me, I'll probably bust out some Fraser favorite is:

*(If you are at all may want to skim over this...) One time the little boy I work with (unknowingly to me) had pooped his pants, and in an attempt to quickly change him (because his mom had came and he wanted to go home) poop smeared all over his leg and a big chunk landed on his foot..he ran around the room yelling "get it off of me! Get it off of me!" and ran into the hallway. So I'm chasing after this naked boy with poop smeared on his body and I needed to bring him back into the room. So I bring him back and change him and we bring him out to his mom's car. I come back in and grab my things to go and notice there is a huge chunk of poop stuck on the wall!!!! After showing everyone I cleaned it up and went on my way...just another day at Fraser!

You just can't beat the stuff that is said at Fraser like:
Stop putting Fruit loops in your eye
It is not ok to smell friends' hair
It's not ok to stick your head in the toilet
Why does a taco do what it does? -the little guy I work with

....well you get the picture! It's just a great place to work. The kids may be a little challenging at times but it is so rewarding to work with them! I even got so attached to the little...well not so little...guy I used to work with, even though he would everyday bite me so hard that I had his dental impressions for a week, or scratch down my whole face (Everyone after that happened asked me if I had just gotten a new it was a little boy) But when those kids come to Fraser and are excited to see you...there is no feeling like it!

I also PCA for the little girl I used to work with..and I just LOVE her! She has a lot of needs, but everytime I come over she looks at me and giggles and comes over to give me a hug! She's not really talking yet but I know she understands what's going on! Ok to get on my soap box...these kids are just amazing and their families are some of the most amazing people. It makes me so sad when people who haven't experienced these awsome kids go around calling people "retarded" or making fun of people who have special needs. I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to work and help these kids and to feel like I'm making a difference in their lives. Ok so lesson is: take an opportunity to help out children or adults with special needs to attempt to see life through their makes you so appreciative of everything you have.

Quick story then I'll be off the subject (well I'm positive Fraser stuff will return..)
The little girl I PCA for just turned 5 not too long ago and she's really not making much meaningful sounds/words, and when I helped out at her 5th birthday party, her mother mentioned to me that she had always thought that by her 5th birthday she would be able to about a heartbreak when I heard this! Everything that we take for granted! And we all worry about petty things (me included) that in the grand scheme of things really isn't that important...hard to look at things like that, but just keep it in your mind
Ok so since I've sort of played catch up with my life...I'll just start talking about what is currently going on.

Well today was an up and down rollercoster. It was FREEZING out today, and I didn't have my winter coat! So I bundled up and felt like the little brother from "A cristmas story" But when I fell today...yea official first wipe out of the season...I was able to get back up. Now how embarrising is falling! Expecially when you're on the corner of washington and oak! I had my hands in my pockets to keep them warm and I was holding onto my ipod and keys, so when I fell they both went flying...yea, no good! Oh well...only my pride was hurt. My main goal of the week was to study for my Neuroscience test tomorrow. But you know how that goes..there is NEVER just one thing to do in a week so my main studying has been the last few days. Hopefully I'll be ready. I don't know what it is this semester but golly...I just don't have time for ANYTHING! I think the 'taking 20 credits every semester' is finally kicking my butt! I swear, I don't even procrastinate! It's sad when you have to rank all of your studying to what is due the next day! But woe is the life of a college student!

It's always great when I call home all frazzled and talk to my Dad (if you don't know my Dad he's probably the most relaxed calm guy you'll ever meet! ) and his best advice is "be sure you get enough sleep" Well 3 hours a night is enough right? Even if I try to go to bed early (meaning before 2:00am) I lay in bed and wonder what I should be doing then..and the time that I sit and wonder I could have probably accomplished a lot. Oh well. I just realized that this entry is getting REALLY long! So I guess I should maybe save some stuff for tomorrow's entry. Hopefully my head won't be too crammed with Neuroscience stuff that I'll be able to remember that I started a blog!

Well I guess good night everyone! (although I probably won't be hitting the sac for a long time--woe is me...)

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