December 9, 2008

Hardcore Roots

Current Hardcore Metal takes influence from a long history and a wide variety of sources. Dating back to the 1960's, Metal has gone through a series of transformations, eventually branching off into a number of different sub-genres. By combining larger sub-genres, Hardcore Metal creates a type of hybrid genre, reaching fans of all combined genres, attracted to the genre for different reasons, but all appreciating the musicianship of the bands, mainly discovering these bands through new media and word of mouth.

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December 8, 2008

The Music of Pi: The Mercury God of Infinity

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After the Burial introduces a mathematical approach to songwriting, with songs embodying equations and non-repeating numerals that would keep a mathematician busy for months on end. Even their most straightforward, simple sounding songs have subtle tricks and secrets for those who pick them apart.

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Finding Community Within a Metal Concert

When metal band Bleeding Through performed at the Triple Rock Social Club on September 14, they attracted what was essentially a cross section of metal history. With new locals Birth of a Hero playing first, followed by the aggressive Too Pure to Die, then hometown heroes After the Burial before Bleeding Through, the crowd included the older crowd as well as newer listeners, and showed the true community of the music, as all the bands playing, as well as members from other bands, showed up to support all.

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