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a little bit each day

My goal is to do a little bit each day. At times I may feel it impossible with my busy schedule, but I think that it will be very important if I am going to improve my Norwegian. Even if 5 minutes is all I can spare, at least its something... I've decided, also, that anything Norwegian counts. Even if it means listening to tapes while I get ready in the morning, or looking at a Norwegian website...

I've been looking over the Michal Ryszard Wojcik's "Norsk Experiment" at http://www.apronus.com/norsk/
Wojcik learned Norwegian without the help of any Norwegian-English dictionaries or grammar books. He just seemed to completely "emmerse" himself in the language without any formal teaching. However prior to his intensive, self-taught Norwegian training he learned English and German over a period of 11 years. I will be looking more at his methods more for inspiration than any attempt to emulate. I don't think it would do me much good to just pick up a Norwegian book and start reading it, or would it? How would it be possible to make language discoveries unless I try?
We'll see... for now I will stick to KlikNorsk and making flashcards.

Tonight I took a few minues to learn some phrases on Dinner (Middag) such as "Jeg drikker vann til meddeg" and so on. I also reviewed a few verbs.