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listening fun and ideas

When I have no time to sit down and actually study Norwegian I listen whenever I can. Usually it provides background noise when I am getting ready in the morning, other times I sit down and do nothing but focus on listening. I borrowed the tapes from Louis, they are suprisingly easy to follow along with even without consulting the text book. I've noticed that I begin to understand the meaning of an unfamiliar word on the basis of its context. The tapes use repition, which must be essential in building a good language base. The people on the tape speak slowly, almost a little over enthusiasitc when it comes to that sing song rhythm, but I love it (When listening to my Norwegian friends speaking in real lifetonation was much less emphasized than it is in the tapes.)
At least at this stage I am most concerned with converstational Norwegian. My main goal is to be able to travel to Norway be able to carry on conversations.
I still have not developed a set lesson plan or anything for myself. I immerse myself in Norwegian when I need a break from school work. I like that I can practice how much, or how little I want... When I do Norwegian, I usually end up spending more time then I intended. It is something I enjoy, yet it can be very frusturating when I try to apply what I learn to something like writing a letter... it humbles me to know how much I have to learn to compose the simplest sentences.
It is also frusturating when I have good ideas that I put off and then I eventually find myself forgetting about.
The purpose of this blog is to write down these ideas, but even writing in a blog is something that can be easily neglected when so much else is going on.

A couple ongoing goals of mine are:
-I want to see if I can get my hands on other audio materials like Norwegian stories, poetry, or even radio shows.
-I need to start memorizing rather than just familiarizing... how to do this? flashcards, pictures, writing...
-I want to get in touch with ordinary everyday language sources, like a newspaper
-I've heard of a church that does its services in Norwegian somewhere in Minneapolis, I want to find out where it is and posibly check it out one weekend.